Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guest Post: Gretchen

Apparently Gretchen does not post pictures of herself on her blog. Ever. But I did find this one of her, she normally has a face though, and incredibly thick luscious black hair. And also she looks a bit different now because she is going to have a baby in two weeks, woo hoo!
Gretchen was in my ward for about a month when we moved to Texas but then she moved across town. Luckily she and Ralphie are tight and so I got to know her at playgroups, etc. And then we found that we both have an affinity for internet communication and a hatred of phone calls, so we decided to be friends.

I wish I could be as well-spoken as Gretchen. Her posts are written in such a way that I can hear her tone in my mind as I read. I can't explain it but she writes things exactly how she would say them and that makes her entries very fun to read.
I asked her if I could repost my favorite entry from her blog on mine this week as a guest post, and was excited that she said I could, thanks Gretchen! Keep your baby inside until I get back!

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