Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kristi Vs. Wild

Ahhhhh. Nothing beats a late summer day spent at the cabin. A little rock hunting, hiking, pb&j eating, you get the idea. A delightful day, indeed.

We bid our friends farewell and had to finish a few last things before we could go. Change a diaper, get one more refreshing drink from the water fountain, basically stay in the canyon as long as we could because it was such a perfect day. I was heading over to get a drink when I heard some twigs snap. I looked up and to my surprise saw...

A GIANT moose. A giant, hungry, man eating moose, no doubt. See those logs there at the bottom of the picture? Moments before (maybe three minutes?) I was standing on the tallest log and jumping off onto the rope swing (see the rope cutting across the picture?). Frankly, I am amazed that I was not gored mid-flight!

I had a little panic attack since moose are known to be a bit...mmm...tempermental. I scrambled to get the kids in the car and then we were able to watch the majestic moose eat and meander. I thought I ought to take some pictures, lest I be known as the girl who cried "giant man eating moose".

But then he gave me a menacing kind of look.

and we left. Promptly.

The END.
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Emily K. said...

How awesome is that!!! And I missed it!! You didn't even pet him? Okay, I can understand why, but still...AWESOME!

Laurie said...

anna was so sad we missed it!

Aimee said...

Wow! I've never seen a moose when I've been up at the cabin. That is so cool!

JennMatt said...

How exciting and death defying for you! I have heard moose called a lot of things but I have never heard them called "man eating." My brothers call them "swamp donkeys" - I think it is pretty funny.