Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Wow blogger friends, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Not much going on here. Well, lots is going on, but nothing good has been going on.

Until today, things started looking up today, so I am peeking out into the blogosphere and letting everyone know that we are still alive.

We've had some struggles since moving to Utah, but hopefully those will resolve themselves. We are moving into a basement apartment in Lehi next week, so that's good. It's a daylight basement so that's even better. I think we will be happy there and hopefully the commute won't be too hard on Blaine or any of us. Luckily there is a park nearby and a trail, and a freeway.

I know you are wondering what I have missed the most while not having my earthly posessions.

There are only two things I miss

*my bed
* double stroller.

How the double stroller did not make it in the "take to Utah immediately" pile I do not know, but that was a grave grave mistake. Same thing with the bed, but that one is more understandable.

It kind of makes me think I could throw everything else away because I haven't missed much else.

The kids are loving being near their grandparents.

I am not liking that already the mornings are cool enough to wear jackets.

Ivy is growing like a weed. She is still as sweet as ever. Oh man I love her.

Bentley is turning two and in honor of that has limited his vocabulary to "NO" , "NO WAY," "NOOOOOOOO", "Don't want to", "let go a' me" and "MINE!". Which is really awesome. I love him too.

Gwen is starved of attention. Everytime I walk by her I hear a plea of "pluhhhhheasssse play with me". I love her too.

Overall our kids are doing remarkably well. What with having absolutely none of their things or their friends and moving about like gypsies, they are in good spirits and health and what more could one ask for.

I ache for Texas, and Ralphie, and Kawaii's, and my house.

But all things considered we are doing just fine.

Hope to be blogging again soon!


Blaine said...

We also in the blogosphere all hope to see you blogging more often--I think I speak for all of us when I say we've missed you on the blog!! :)

Oh, I would add to the list of things that I miss most the kids' pajamas. Why we thought it would be ok for them to have only one pair each is beyond me.

Janssen said...

Is all your stuff in storage?

And man, I am missing your blogging!

Wendy said...

Sorry about the bed situation!

Stephanie said...

Kristi~I have missed you and your delightful blogs! I was just thinking yesterday, as I do almost everyday when I check your blog, "I hope Kristi hasn't stopped blogging." But I know you are catching up and moving about and since I do that often I understand your pain. I missed my bed so much when we moved in April and when it came in August...oh the comfort. You are such a trooper. Isn't it amazing that we can have a house full of things and really live without most of it:) So glad to hear from you!

Marcie said...

I miss your cute blogging... and it's okay to talk about the hard things too... I pray for you every day.

julianne orth said...

hopefully things will start looking up. it is never fun moving, let alone moving time and time again, i would be going crazy. rochelle and davey live by thanksgiving point and johnny lives in lehi too, where is your apartment?

J. Shumway said...

Texas misses you!! Go to Burger Supreme in Provo for lunch today, it will make you smile! :)

JennMatt said...

You're back!?! Wonderful...for us! Sorry it is such a tough transition. It would be so great to see you and your adorable family. We should be moving into our home in a couple of weeks. We will have you over sometime.

kateworthi said...

Just wanted to say that if someone read that post only - and knew nothing about your life. They would think you were having some sort of affair with a fellow named Ralphie. I'm just sayin'...
Love ya! You're amazing!