Saturday, November 7, 2009

See Blaine Run

On New Years Eve 2004 Blaine set a resolution to run in the St. George Marathon in October of 2005. He had never really been in to running before, so as you can imagine, it was a somewhat lofty goal. On January 1, 2005 he set out for his first run. He made it all of a half a mile and came back huffing and puffing and realizing more exactly how lofty his resolution had been.

But if there's one thing Blaine has, it's determination. He has a stick-to-it-ness that I seriously lack. I am a big quitter. Not Blaine. He went out running every. single. day. It was amazing and inspiring to watch his progression.

But there was only one problem. All of this running was taking a lot of time, and it left me home with a screaming baby. Totally not cool.

So we bought a jogging stroller.

[Pretend this is a picture of Blaine pushing a cute baby Gwen in a jogging stroller]
[we got a new computer! : ) All my pictures are still on the old computer : ( ]

And Blaine and Gwen would go running together while I relaxed. It was what Michael Scott would call "a win-win-win". Exercise (with extra resistance!) for Blaine, peace and quiet for me, exciting scenery for Gwen. Perfection.

They ran together in Provo, they ran together in Oregon, they ran together in Provo again, and then in Minnesota, and then in Provo once more.

As Gwen grew older they would have talks on the runs and it was something they both looked forward to.

We move to Texas and they ran there. Bentley was born and a month later we upgraded to a double jogging stroller, and the three of them would go running.

We got two dogs and he would take them running too.

Many things changed about their runs; the locations, the distance, the company, but one thing stayed the same. Always Gwen and Dad.

I bet Gwen has logged well over a thousand miles in strollers in her short life so far.

It's complicated matters now that we have three kids. I've seen triple joggers around, but that is just getting a bit ridiculous. Plus, Ivy is the best baby in the history of mankind and I live for spending solo time with her. So Ivy would stay with me while the others would go out running.

Then the other day we strapped Gwen and Bentley in the stroller.

We both stood there looking at Gwen. Then we both looked at eachother. And it was then that we realized that Gwen is just simply too big to go on runs anymore. She doesn't fit in the stroller.

And it was a sad, sad day. For all of us. But especially me. And Blaine.


Janelle said...

So, did he do the marathon?

Shauna said...

Ahhh. That makes me teary eyed. I used to take my kids out running with me. And they are all three to big to go now. I sold my double jogger to Margaret Fielding's sister when we left Texas. Sigh. But think of all the memories they'll have. And now my kids like to ride their bikes next to me while I run. Also fun memories.

Kristi said...

He did run the marathon! And then he ran another one a different time too! It seriously was amazing to watch his progression. Before we left Texas he was running six miles a's been rough finding a routine here, but he went out and ran eight miles today. I'm so proud of him!

Karina said...

Haaaa, that's so funny. Poor Gwen. Did she cry? I just bought a sit-n-stand stroller and it's totally awesome 'cause all three of my girls can go in it, yay!

Kathrin Paul said...

Her expression in the stroller is so great!

Wendy said...

The picture is priceless! I'm so happy Blaine is still running. So did Ivy get to go after all?

Laurie said...

I so much admire Blaine for sticking with it. I can say I ran a marathon, but I'm really no better for it since I can't make it to the end of the block any more. I like to blame it on Anna hating the stroller from day one, but seriously, it's probably just my laziness.

Emily K. said...

That was the sweetest, saddest story. Maybe Gwen can ride her bike instead. That's awesome your hubbies been running, when do we get you to start?! :)

The Davis Family said...

I don't know if you remember me for the good ol' 172nd Ward. I found your blog through Laurie's and I just had to tell you you are hilarious! I love reading your posts ... they make me laugh so hard!! Thanks!


Rochelle said...

I remember the dilema when my 3rd was born. No more walks or jogs for me, but it was fabulous, because now when I go running I go alone and I LOVE it!! WOn't be long until she can ride her bike with him...