Thursday, January 14, 2010


I really wanted to post about the mutant cheerio we found in the box this morning but some fool ate the darn thing before I could take a picture. Let me just tell was awesome. Looked like a piece of penne pasta. I hope whoever ate it sure enjoyed it, but since I can't bring you a picture of the penne shaped cheerio, I'll write about something else, equally awesome.

I embrace the internet. I love the internet. Love it. And one thing I especially love about the internet is the ability to read reviews. I have a deep seeded trust in the opinions of the masses. I think that is why I am so willing to try so many recipes from but hesitant to try any from a plain old paper cookbook. I need reassurance, from many many people, that the thing I am going to try is going to be worth my time.

We even bought our mattress online. Never sat on. Never saw it. Just bought it, based off of the reviews of the good people at And I think you all know how I feel about my mattress ( I want to link to my post about my mattress but can't find the durn thing). Needless to say the masses have hardly ever let me down.

So our vacuum cleaner sucks. Figuratively. Literally it doesn't suck at all. Horrible piece of machinery. We bought it after we had been married about six months. Cost us about thirty bucks. I didn't care back then about the masses or what they thought. Oh how misled I was!

So seven years later our vacuum doesn't pick up anything. Actually I bet it hasn't picked up much for about six years now, but between the dogs and the never seemed to be a big problem.

The thing is, now my kids are old enough to break in to the pantry at will. And when you've got the stomach flu and have locked yourself into your room for one meager moment of solace, and your hungry children are left to forage for themselves from the pantry, well... bad things happen.
Saltines, everywhere. In every room, on every surface, in every hole, everywhere.

My vacuum wouldn't even pick up one crumb.

I have some Christmas money. I was ridiculously close to buying a Dyson. I've heard great things... Plus through my deal forums I heard of some good deals. But the thing was still going to cost me over $250, and for a vacuum? Really? I've got mouthes to feed here people. Lots of em.

So I started searching for lower cost options and found two vacuums for under a hundred dollars that were getting rave reviews.

I decided on this little number. Now, if sixteen hundred and forty one people rated this vacuum and it still gets four and a half stars....well dad gum, I'd say it is worth my $76 to check it out. Even if it requires the use of vacuum bags (what is this the stone age?). But ohhhhhh baby! Hoover Tempo U5410-900 where have you been all my life?!?

And why is it important that I tell you this at 1:19AM? Not entirely sure. Other than I am trying to NOT write what is really on my mind, which is something like...

"Aggggggggggggh! I have to get on an airplane in like 54 hours and I want to cry my eyeballs out!".

See, talking about vacuum cleaners is way. WAY. WAYYYYYY better than another "I'm afraid of flying" rant.

So go and read reviews and rejoice in the masses! Just don't follow them if they start jumping off of cliffs!


Janssen said...

Funny that you would write this after I spent, literally, hours yesterday reading dozens and dozens of reviews about different Cancun hotels. I need encouragement too!

Ape said...

I have a hoover Tempo. Of course, having a dust allergy I prefer bags to emptying a canister. It works well, folds flat to vacuum under the couch, has different height settings etc, but it is NOISY.

Janae said...

Next time I need something can I ask you to do some research? Seriously? Because I try to research stuff and I THINK I am getting a good product..then its horrible. At least that way I can blame it one you, and my husband won't be mad at me.

Anonymous said...

I'll keep this in mind when my vacuum bites the dust.... er, stops biting the dust.

I loved the second comment in the "reviews" on the vacuum which said, "sucks like a... well, it's strong."

And on behalf of we the few who have been pressured to buy vacuums that cost $3,200, thank you. Thank you for being the voice of sanity.

Good luck on your flight. Sorry you are so scared. :(

chelon:) said...

I am one of those people that bought a nice Dyson. I have to say....I.LOVE.IT!! I will never buy a cheap vacuum again. We have had it for at least 4 years and it is still running like it did when I first got it. Seriously...think of it as an investment. Of course you can wait until your Hoover bites the dust...I give it six months!! :) Way to research too!

Andrea L. said...

Hey Kristi - we have that Hoover vacuum also! I think it is an awesome one for the price. It hasn't let us down so far and we have had it about 4 or 5 years now! Only bummer is that the suction tools aren't as easy to get to as one like a dyson - oh well. Good luck on your flight! Janey did tell me that she wasn't thinking and accidently told you about her dream where you died . . . she really regrets it - bad timing! I really do hope that you have a SUPER warm cruise.

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