Thursday, January 14, 2010

Set Up

It may have been hard to tell from my generally happy overtones over the past several months, but I really kind of regret moving from Texas. Sure it is great here and all, I love being around family and the mountains, but overall I think Austin is where I want to be. I know, you're shocked, right?

So the thing is, I was planning a trip for the middle of next month but my travel companion has had something come up and we are probably not going to be able to make it. So sad, right?

But, we are flying in to Houston on Saturday at noon and don't have to be on our cruise ship until Sunday at like 1 in the afternoon. So I had this crazy idea to rent a car so we could drive to Round Rock and visit our peeps (and certain shaved ice stands) for a crazy 24 hour whirlwind trip.

But now that I am getting closer to the actual date, what was I thinking? What do I think I am going to do, just show up on peoples porches and hug them and then move on to the next person? Good grief. It's kind of a ridiculous plan.

But, I do want to check in on my Texas house (or do I...?), and I am aching to see my Texas friends, but am I just setting myself up for a collassal return to depression? Is visiting the place I so love and miss going to do nothing but drag me back into my sorry state of depression?

But if I don't go...what's a person to do with 24 hours in Houston? And how could I possibly get that close to seeing my friends and not actually do it?

Things have been getting better here. I made a friend ( I think) and it is amazing how that can make the world of difference. I don't need a bazillion friends, just like one or two, and it's amazing how the world can turn into a cheerier place. So that's good. Plus I am most certainly looking forward to summertime. It was hard to come straight from a Texas summer to a Utah winter. We had a good month in there of nice weather, but it was a month where we were in temporary housing without any stuff, plus I was in a funk, plus Blaine was new at his job and had no vacation days. One of the main things we were looking forward to about living in Utah was not having to use all of our vacation days to come and visit Utah. I am kind of looking forward to three day camping trips, fishing on Saturday mornings, and being able to go on little trips with my family even if Blaine can't come with us.

So...there is a light at the end of this move induced funk I've been in, am I just hurting myself by going to Austin long enough to just stir the dust that has recently settled?

Would you do it? Would you go and just try to visit as many random friends as possible or would you go explore scenic Houston? Decisions!


McCulloch Moments said...

Um.... check the weather. Seriously. It's going to be bad here. :(

julianne orth said...

go see them, you know you want to.

TK said...

Clark's first birthday party is from 4-6 on Saturday. Please show up and surprise Katie? We'll be busy hosting, but man we'd love to see you two!

Karina said...

Sounds like we need to plan a partay where everyone gets together Saturday night in one place. I'll be there :) but my house is not so big :(

Vee said...

I would have them meet me for lunch, I feel your pain, and would love to visit Connecticut right now. But it would be too much to think I could visit with each of them at their doors, individually. Yes it will stir the dust, but how can you not?

Allison said...

You'd rather see friends than Houston. If you're not too exhausted, try and see a bunch of friends all at once, or just go see Ralphie - you know you want to.

Just make sure you get back in plenty of time so you don't miss your cruise!

chelon:) said...

I think that you might be sorry if you don't visit your friends. Just make them all gather in one place so that you have one stop! Anyone that doesn't show up...their loss! I hope you have a fantastic trip :)

Ralphie said...

Yes, yes. We need to figure this out. Because you DO want to come and see me and you DO want to have all of your friends meet in the same place.

Give me a list and we'll tell them to come here.

And WHAT! Now you can't come at all in February. Or ever??? Kristi, this will not do.

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