Thursday, January 28, 2010

Surfs Up

I think a keychain says a lot about a person.

And I didn't particularly like what my keychain of nearly twenty years was saying about me.

Back when I received the keychain as a souvenir from one of my parents trips many years ago, it was a symbol of happiness, youth, hope...that kind of thing.

And "not that there's anything wrong" with what it symbolizes now, it's just that I am not particularly qualified to be carrying such an icon on my person at all times.

I am much more qualified though to have this new, super hip, gnarly keychain...

Ronjons Surf Shop baby. I've been upgraded from a rainbow to a surfboard, let's hope that surfboards will forever and always symbolize the beach, good times and sunshine!


Blaine said...

Yes, and may we find many bottles of non-alcoholic beverages that we can take advantage of the shark-bite-bottle-opener feature on as well!

Gretchen said...

Blaine beat me to it. Cuz yah, um, bottle opener doesn't have ANY negative connotations... ;)

Kristi said...

Well I did say "good times" didn't I? And by that I mean sitting on the beach with a cola... : )