Thursday, January 7, 2010

La Mer...

I know you have all been waiting on pins and needles for my list of resolutions. It's kind of tricky because I am not setting any until January 25th. Well, I guess that is not true, I have a different set of resolutions for January 16-January 24th 2010

* I will NOT die in an airplane crash, or be involved in any hostile terrorist takeover, or experience anything more than extremely mild turbulence which will likely rock me to sleep for the flight.

* I will not count calories, nor will I hen peck Blaine about counting his calories.

* I will go scuba diving in the real live ocean and will not get eaten by a shark or forgotten by the scuba diving company and left out in the ocean to die a mysterious death.

*I will eat dessert every night

*I will go dancing with Blaine at least three times a week

* I will not miss my children. I will not not not. I've been wanting a break from them for like five years and I will not ruin a perfectly good trip by being concerned for their welfare. This resolution is going to be particularly hard.

* I will see dolphins

* I will see sunsets

* I will not catch the swine flu

* I will have a week to remember, in a good way

* I will stay up late and wake up early

* I will visit the midnight buffet

* I will go to shows

* I am going to love this!
See, these resolutions might lead to my ultimate demise if I set them for a whole year : )


JoAnna said...

Why not go for the whole year?? You might have the best year of your life!!!
And about missing your kids--- when Dave and I went last year, I missed the kids for the first hour or two and then not one bit for the rest of the week. It was GREAT!!!

Jen said...

Whoa! That's weird! I have almost the exact resolutions for the exact week!! Well except for scuba diving, maybe I'll snorkel instead. And instead of dancing with Blaine make that Wayne, otherwise yea you hit it right on the head. As for missing your kids, you only will for about a micro second and then you will have a fantastic time with your hubby (and your fav. sister) I am SO excited.

Robin said...

bon voyage!