Thursday, January 17, 2008

A girls best friend!

So, I was reading my Readers Digest today and stumbled upon information about a class action suit that is going on for anyone who purchased a diamond or diamond jewelry pretty much in the last 12 years. Anyway, that is pretty much everyone I know who is recently married, so I thought I would pass along the info....

If you get lots of money from this, you can just cut me a check for half. That will be fine. Seriously though check it out because the example they gave was for a $2000 ring, you would get back over $600-- so really don't send me half, I would feel guilty, a third would be fine. I will use it for something important like buying a Wii or sending Gwen to preschool. Makes me wish we would have sprung for the bigger diamond !

P.S. I hope I am doing the right thing by telling y'all because supposedly the more people who file, the less $$ everyone gets. That just shows how much I love ya.

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marisa said...

Thanks for the heads up, but now that I know about it, stop telling other people! Ha ha