Monday, January 7, 2008


So, in preparation for the ward talent show coming up in a couple of months I got a membership to the local gym. Ralphie and I are trying to put together a little number like this
luckily I have already chosen my outfit . It's going to be great.

Actually though, an added bonus is that we are getting a good workout three times a week. Admittedly it has only been a week, and I already missed one time, BUT hey twice is better than never right?


Jennifer said...

Love the outfit! Ha! That video is hilarious! Good luck with that treadmill routine. I keep wondering though how you will get all those treadmills to the church. =)

Ralphie said...

Mmkay. If you wear that, you might trip and I'll have to carry on without you. In fact, I'll have to walk over your body to continue the routine. Now where's the talent in that?

Allisun said...

That was such an awsome video! I was totally laughing. I know I can count on you to keep me laughing. Thanks!

Brookeh said...

I want to see your video when you guys do it. That will be hilarious! I wonder if the outfit might be an occupational hazard. You might as well wear happy pants, but then I worry you might have to drag a treadmill around with you for the rest of your days. Morbid thought. Good luck though, it sounds like a lot of fun.