Wednesday, January 23, 2008


You know how when you are planning on going out to dinner you start craving what it is you are going to have? Like say you plan with your husband to go to firebowl for their spicy coconut soup, your driving around getting hungrier and the soup starts sounding better and better, but then you can't find the restaurant so you find another place like PokeJo's and try to talk yourself to going there. You like PokeJos well enough (especially their french fries and ribs), but your mind was wrapped around the spicy coconut soup. If you had set out with the plan to go to PokeJos that would have been fine, but really really want the soup. You will not be happy until you have the soup. At least that is how I am anyways.

So saturday was a particularly trying day for our family. That's another blogpost for later....but it was a long and stressful day. At the end of the day (the very end, like 10PM) we were at walmart (with our two young children who ideally are supposed to be in bed by 8). Blaine was off getting something he needed and I was walking around with glazed eyes putting random groceries in the cart. He came back and was ready to go but asked if I needed anything else.

"Oh yeah, I was just going to go and get a wii" I said. Blaine laughed, "really, a wii?"

See Blaine helped work on making the chip inside the wii two years ago when we were doing an internship with IBM in Minnesota. In fact, he was the second person to play the wii in the whole wide world. But we couldn't afford one when they came out, not a priority, and though we joke about getting one on every major holiday we never really do.

"Okay, I'll go check" he said. He came back moments later and said they didn't have any and that the last time they did have some they were sold out in three hours.

"It's okay" I said, "we'll just go try Circuit City".

They didn't have them at Circuit City, or Best Buy or Game Stop. Nor online at walmart, amazon or a bazillion other websites.

All the sudden that night it became my goal in life to acquire a wii. It all started as a joke really, but then it turned into a manhunt.

I called all the stores every day to see if they had some in. Put a widget on my igoogle homepage to alert me if any online retailers got them in stock.

Then today an unexpected tip arrived. I was checking the craigslist postings and someone posted that their friend's brothers girlfriends uncle or something worked at Fry's and had a time stamped cell phone picture of a shipment of 30 wiis arriving this very morning.

And I was off.....strapping my hungry, pneumonia ridden children into their carseats in their pajamas. I threw a baggie of Lucky Charms to Gwen. I paid the tolls and drove like a mad woman across town to get my hands on this thing that I really didn't even know if I wanted. It was insane, but I felt a rush (not too much unlike the rush I felt when I found that "killer" deal on the Leapfrog books....). I was fighting the masses.

We ran into the electronics store looking like crazed sleep deprived fools. We flew down the isles and found the (cue angels singing) wiis. Wow. There they were.

Wii did it.

Wii found the wiis

Unfortunately my little tipster was incorrect. He said that I could just buy the wii, but turns out I had to buy a bundle with an additional game, some accessories, etc. Which took my splurge purchase and made it into an insanely expensive, this really doesn't seem too worth it, purchase. But I bought the wii (and the remote charging station, extra sensor bar, wii play game and wii play remote pack). We drove home victoriously.

I have another tip for where I can get my hands on just a regular console tomorrow. If that is the case I will buy that too, and return the other one. Or better yet, sell it on ebay for a huge profit, and hopefully no jail time.

The end.


Julie said...

Hooray for your victory!

Jennifer said...

I'm jealous! I really really want a Wii!

Sheyenne said...

Wow, after all that, I'm sure glad you got one. I think I must not understand the Wii though. I really don't get what all the hype is about. I played bowling on one and it really didn't seem that fun. What's so great about them?

Ralphie said... uh, you know how we're friends and stuff...

Tyson & Martha Gerber said...

Wow! Ty and I are waiting for the Heavenly Wii. It's not our time yet - but soon!

The Crompton's said...

Kristi, could anyone not LOVE you!

Kristi said...

Cheyenne come on over and I will box you and then you will see how fun it is. Now when Blaine and I get mad at eachother we can really throw punches. It's great. I love it!