Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I have been having a serious battle with rampant sickness, searching for a new (to us) car, buying big boxes of cheerios for $0.70 (*cue the hallelujah chorus, cereal never goes on sale in Texas!), and trying to clean up this house so I can convince my sister (who is coming in to town tonight!) that I am a capable wife and mother.

When my sister came to visit us in Minnesota we all wound up being sick and pretty much bed ridden the whole time she was there. So when I found out she was interested in coming to Texas to visit I swore up and down that we would all be healthy. So on Sunday morning Ben had a typical little goober in his eye. Then in the middle of church Bentley had excessive, somewhat worrisome, goobers in his eye, then after his nap his eye was glued shut with goobers and all pink and swollen (very popeye-esque). The next morning the other eye had a little goober. Repeat the whole experience with the second eye. Poor guy has pinkeye! It was about the saddest little thing. Luckily he is the only one so far, but coming from the other child we have coughs and runny noses.

My poor sister, some vacation!

Anyway, the pinkeye cleared up amazingly fast (like a couple hours after getting the magic $50 eyedrops that, for all I know could be water). And we all seem to be on the mend today.

So anyway, lots of exciting fun things to blog about, but in the interest of keeping up appearances I am going to clean the house today instead of blog about my used car buying experiences (get excited because it involves a 95 year old man and a product called "miracle mist").

Oh and if you live in Texas you should go to Randall's and score some $0.70 Cheerios (except I think the deal ended yesterday), but if you live in Utah I don't feel bad for you because those kind of deals happen all the time.

The end.

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Alison said...

Wasnt that the best deal!?!? I got 10 boxes!!!