Monday, March 24, 2008


Remember that quote by Winston Churchill (or at least I think it was W.C.) that says, "Never, ever, ever give up." Well, I have ammended that quote today to be more applicable to my live.

Never, ever, ever give your kid a bath after eating prunes. Ever. Even if you took the precaution of waiting for them to poop before you give them the bath. Leave that diaper and those pants on for at least a solid 24 hours.

I thought I was being smart. Ben hadn't pooped in a really really really long time. So I gave him some prunes. Being the savvy parent that I am I knew I should expect an explosion within a couple of hours. It came (in less than an hour) and it was a doosy, but I was prepared. However, after he pooped more than I thought was humanly possible I decided to strip him down for a bath.

And I have to wash, if not replace, our bathroom rug. And my favorite pair of jeans.

Oh, and even after that little "aftershock" when I thought nothing else could go wrong. He had the gall to pee all over in the tub. Classic.

It would rival the San Antonio incident, but at least we were in the safety of our own home. Thank goodness.

So don't say I didn't warn you. Never, ever, ever take the diaper off of a child who has recently eaten prunes. Ever.


Sheyenne said...

Yuck. Thanks for the warning. And now I've got a tip for you along those same lines- never ever ever let your dogs eat ham.

Shauna said...

Words to live by. I learned that lesson the hard way, too, a few years back.

Brianne said...

I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG FIDS!! you are just an amazing woman! I love the lessons that we learn each day in our lives. It just makes us a better people. You are so wonderful and I look up to you so much. Even after the lesson I learned from you to never give your kids prunes or to never take their diapers off if you do give them prunes. I can't believe he actually ate those nasty things! jk! That's awesome.
Love your guts friend!