Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Butterfly Garden

This is one of the toys that we are looking at getting Gwen for Christmas. Since her only wish is for binoculars (?!?) we decided to run with the "discovering nature" theme. So I was reading reviews about this thing (you get the kit and then fill out a form for them to send you real live catepillars, etc.), and everyone loves it, and then I cam across this totally random snarky made me laugh.

October 28, 2009 The Catepillars are not meant to be eaten!!
by Ryan G.

"I really cheated myself out of the best part of the butterfly garden by devouring the caterpillars mercilessly before they reached the cocoon stage."

What the?


Earl and Vickie said...

Did this in my First Grade class one year. When the butterflies hatched, we kept them for a day, then had an almost ceremony when we released them.

I think we had 6 cacoons hatch. We gathered outside and released them, only to watch in horror as each and everyone of them was picked off and eaten by birds in less than 30 seconds.

The kids were tramatized. All I could thing of was that each meal the birds had, cost more than my school lunch that day......

Strong Family - said...

That's what we have right now! I have to say it is one of my kids' most favorite gifts ever. 9 of the 10 caterpillars are in their crysallides (or whatever they call them for this kind of butterfly). My kids are loving it. I'll remember the bird thing though. :-)

Tom and Tami said...

My daughters friend had one too, we got to "butterfly"-sit for them while her parents were out of town. I think the idea is pretty cool!

Wendy said...

Perhaps Ryan G. is an Aborigine?