Tuesday, December 15, 2009


And this is so ironic given my last post, but my day went something like this...

9:30AM : Ho hum, I suppose if I am going to order any Christmas presents online I better order them today or else they wont get here in time.

9:30AM-10:30AM: * mulling over gift options *

10:31AM: Eureeka! I've got it! I'll order him a book of LSAT tests...hmmm...there are two different options..."10 Actual, Official, LSAT Preptests" and "The next 10 Actual, Official LSAT Preptests". Hmmmm... I don't think he has one of these books but just in case, I will order "the next ten".

10:32AM: Place Amazon order

11:30AM: Email from Blaine "here are a list of books I might like to help me study for the LSAT...blah blah blah... oh and a book of official LSAT tests, I already have one so be sure to check and not order the same one

11:32AM: * open the nightstand drawer to see The Next 10...."

11:33AM: Lots of stomping and mormonized cursing

11:40AM: Log back in to amazon, maybe I can cancel it! Nope, it is already being prepped to ship! How did Blaine's LSAT book become Amazons #1 priority this morning? I have no idea.



The end.


Marcie said...

er.... well at least you can still send them back!

Angela said...

Blaine is going to law school?!!

McCulloch Family said...


PS Socks and collar stays!! ;)

Blaine said...

You're such a good wife--you don't deserve this! Anyway, you're the best for trying!

P.S. to Angela or anyone else whose curiosity this post piqued--I don't think you could yet say that I'm "going to law school" per se but I guess you could say that I am studying the LSAT. I've always thought that Law School would be a good option for me and more and more lately I'm thinking that if I'm ever going to do it...well I'm not getting any younger. I guess we'll see how the LSAT goes (probably in June). The soonest I would be able to start is Fall 2011 so, yeah, it's not like anything is going to be drastically changing in our lives tomorrow or anything. In case you were wondering... :)

Wendy said...

I wonder if your "mormonized cursing" is the same as Dad's "mormonized cursing" (I heard it coming from the attic crawl space and I was shaking from fear and laughing all at the same time.) Sorry about the books.

McCulloch Moments said...

Update on my life: I finally found something that Trey didn't have that he might want ... a UT Hawaiian shirt - random huh! So I bought it, wrapped it, and put it under the tree..... And then yesterday, Trey walked in with the EXACT SAME SHIRT hanging on a hanger under plastic wrap FROM THE SAME STORE I WENT TO in Austin.

Good grief.