Monday, December 14, 2009

Torn Soul, er...sole

I hate when Blaine ruins surprises. The funny thing is that he never tries to (like me). He just innocently says something like, "wow, it would be really awesome to get some new socks for Christmas this year". Then I throw my hands up in the air, roll my eyes very exaggeratedly and storm out of the room. I throw myself upon the bed and cry out, "Why! Why do you have to ruin everything! WHHHHHYYYYYY!" Then I grab the tube socks out of the drawer and thrust them into his arms and pout "here, here's your dang tube socks! I hope you like them". And then I don't talk to him for the remainder of the day and he is left with a puzzled look on his face and a bruised ego.

Yeah, Christmas time is stressful at this house. I'm not sure where my freakoutedness comes from. I, for one, am all about sneaky around and finding my Christmas presents early. It's a habit I developed early in my youth when my parents would sleep in until some unearthly hour on Christmas morning, like 6AM, and I simply couldn't stand it, so at 3AM I would go sort through my stocking and have my own little pre-Christmas show.

But whoa baby, if I get you a present you better not guess what it is. Or it is sooooo over.

Yesterday we were forced to walk through three feet of mooshy snow slush to get to church. It was awful. I was wearing dainty little flats and Blaine was wearing his decade old Sunday shoes which are cracked right down the sole. We may as well have just had our feet sitting in an ice bath all Sunday long. He said, he needed new church shoes. I demanded he carry me and all three children directly to the shoe store to buy boots, the ox was definitely in the myer. (meyer? Mier? My-errrrr). He wouldn't concede to that. I happened the mention that maybe someone would get him Church shoes for Christmas. I like to mess with his mind like that.

So today I sent him this email...

"So um.....I am writing this blog post about shoes and I was just wondering your opinion. In general do you prefer black shoes or brown? Do you find that regular shoes wear out as fast as dress shoes? As a shoe wearing person, do you prefer church shoes that can double as regular shoes or definite, shiny, blatantly obvious church shoes? Thanks, your information will definite help with post".

He for sure thinks he is getting shoes for Christmas, and all I have to say is....I hope you are all excited for this blog post coming down the pipes about shoes, cuz, whoa doggy, it's gonna be good.


Anonymous said...

Wow. This post had me rolling! Especially the first paragraph. Also the paragraph about Blaine carrying you all to the shoe store immediately. Also the title. Man, that was funny.

I think it's "mire." But it should be "my-errrr."

McCulloch Family said...

I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!! Except for the walking to church part and the cold part.

Still in my flipflops in Dec,
Jeannie :)

Shanon said...

Wow...Have you been spying on our family? That sounds exactly like a conversation I would have with Gary, except I tell Gary that if he guesses what it is I am going to take it back. So, even if he has an idea, he keeps it to himself so I don't freak out.

Also, don't listen to Jeannie, it is waaaayy too cold here to be wearing flip flops. I think she might need a new pair of shoes too.

Gretchen said...

You know, when he mentions the socks, you could just act like you are oblivious to his hint dropping in order to save the surprise... ;)

I've never been a surprise finder outer. Santa individually wrapped every little thing in my stocking, so your trick wouldn't have worked at my house!