Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So the good news about being a fence sitting granola is that I only have to be granola-ish when it is convenient for me. Never was that so evident as today when I was looking in my shopping cart and noticed the irony of having aluminum-free deodorant sitting next to my hair-dye, which I am pretty sure has far worse things in it than aluminum.

Speaking of aluminum free deodorant...isn't facebook awesome? One night at 1:45AM I was reading reviews for aluminum free deodorant, I posted something on facebook about my voyage. By morning an old friend from highschool had responded that he worked for a company that makes aluminum free deodorant and it happens to be in Lehi and could he drop me off a sample of it? (sample meaning two full size sticks that retail for like eleven dollars a piece). Now if that isn't amazing I don't know what is.

The unfortunate thing though is that when he came to drop off said deodorant (that same day!) I was gone and he left it in a planter box. Then a blizzard came through, and by the time I got to the planter box the deodorant was gone and the sack ripped to shreds. Kind of makes me nervous that there are bears roaming the neighborhood or something. But you can't say he didn't try... and luckily I had read some reviews and had found that Walgreens carries a highly rated aluminum free deodorant. And they have it for a normal deodorant price, not the outrageous price posted on the amazon link.

Anyway, I am interested to hear what little things you are doing to try to keep your family healthy and cancer free! I will try to do it too if it doesn't inconvenience me too much ; )

P.S. Matthew Mcconaughey doesn't wear any deodorant at all. Not even the crystal weird goopy stuff. Kind of gross.


Gretchen said...

M doesn't wear deodorant either. But he doesn't really need to.

Did I mention I hate him for it?

Oh least it means that when we're short on time >>I'm<< always the one who gets to shower. I guess it pays to be sweatier and stinkier than your spouse.

Annie Banannie said...

Fun fact:

Brad Pitt refuses to wear deodorant and cologne and doesn't shower often, which has earned him the title of "Smelliest Actor". Once, on set, a costar complained so much about his smell and asked him to go shower and he refused, opting to just buy all new clothes instead.

Ralphie said...

Forget cancer, what I want to know is how many years of your life have you lost from worrying so much!

(I love you for it.)

Allison said...

You picked a great day to post about this! I had aluminum free deodorant on my grocery list yesterday, but I forgot to get it when I was at the store. I've been wanting to try a new kind of aluminum free deodorant, so I think I'm going to go pick up the kind you found online. Thanks for the suggestion!
I've got all sorts of "be healthy" things we do, that I won't bore you with on here. Ask me about them sometime if your interested.

McCulloch Family said...

As far as deodorant... I use Powder Fresh Secret and have since I realized my "Teen Spirit" didn't work (age 11ish). I have never, ever checked or thought about it but imagine it's probably 98-99% pure aluminum.

Something that has nothing to do with deodorant but is my one way I'm healthy is that I only bake with aluminum-free baking powder. It's one of my secrets to yummy baking and helps to combat the truckloads of butter and sugar that I use.

PS I call him 'Matthew Mc Hottie-HEY!' and...he can stink all he wants and I will still love him.