Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Janssen posted today about how much she loves me. It's a good feeling, and it's all because I told her about ebates. Surely you remember ebates, right? I guess I haven't shameless plugged them in months, maybe even a year. Anyway, tell them I sent you (unless you know Janssen and you like her better, in which case tell them she sent you). Anyway, the point is, I want more people to love me, so I am going to tell you about another website that saves me money!

One day a long time ago an instant message popped up from a random friend on gchat. "I just bought like a million diapers for cheap!" I inquired how she got such a fabulous deal. And she told me about fatwallet. And then my life changed.

Fatwallet works much in the same way that ebates does, though to be perfectly honest, I've never used their cashback links. It's probably worth checking them out to see if the offer a higher percentage cash back than ebatest for the store you are shopping for.

But what the really great thing is about fatwallet are the forums. If you go to the page, click on forums, then click on hotdeals. Then click on the categories that you are interested in. I am lazy and I look for deals with lots of green by the titles, that means they are awesome. Red means they are not so awesome.

The diapers? Way green. Bought like a hundred packages, still using the ones I bought, nearly a year later. It was an online deal from Walgreens, I think I wound up paying about $0.09 a diaper, shipped, to my door.

Other green deals?

Dress shirts from Lands End for $15 - shipped.

My new digital camera for $350, normally $500!

And today?

an 8.5oz package of Godiva chocolate covered cashews for $1.50 a package.

How do these random people find these deals? I don't know. They are totally random. Guess where I got the Godiva chocolate? Staples. That's right, the office supply store. Those suckers were normally $15 a pop (who would pay that, I have no idea, but they are certainly worth more than a buck fifty, even to me!).

So that is how I got a lovely Christmas gift for Blaine's boss, Gwen's preschool teacher and Blaine's Dad for a buck fifty a piece.

They even had these compiled spread sheets to make your black friday shopping easier. A whole document just on deals on giant TVs all organized by size and store and price and awesomeness. I can't imagine devoting that much time to the greater good. But I'm sure glad other people do!

Go and relish in the fatwalleters.

Not sure if they give referral bonuses, but if they do, tell them I sent you ( Duh.

; )


Janssen said...

How can I not love a post where my name is the first thing? (I cannot not love it).

Wendy said...

But what about Blaine's mom? I LOVE cashews!!!!

Stephanie said...

I am going to check it out! By the way...I love, love, love the picture of Ivy on the blog front!