Friday, November 28, 2008


It's hard to imagine that today is the one year anniversary of this little incident. To celebrate the droll and uneventful nature of Black Friday 2008 we decided to go and visit the botanical gardens at zilker park. It was the perfect day, nice cool breeze beautiful fall leaves, etc. We had an incredible time! Who knew that botanical gardens could be so fun, and! We saw an herb garden, cactus garden, prehistoric garden, green garden, rose garden and best of all an Oriental garden, which was our favorite. There were lots of waterfalls and stone/bamboo bridges, and quaint little stone paths. The very best part were the ponds full of huge gold fish. I am talking HUGE goldfish. Probably there is another name that they are called, but they looked like big gold fish. And they had little stepping stones going around and through the pond that you could walk on. It was terribly fun. Especially for Gwen. Until she fell in the gold fish pond. And so the Black Friday disaster of 08 began. And really that's where it ends, but falling into a pond with fish the size of yourself is pretty traumatic for a four year old!

*Note: these are not my children. I just found this picture on the internet (it is the same area where Gwen fell in though, but unfortunately we did not take our camera, or video camera, on this excursion).


chelon:) said...

how sad is that?? i would have been traumatized and i am an adult! i bet she will never eat fish again!

McCulloch Family said...

I've always worried that I would fall in - as a kid AND TODAY! I'm glad she survived, did she have to ride home in wet clothes? :(

Stef Bassett said...


Hopefully we have progressed to Nick and Stef instead of Blaine's brother and his wife...:) just kidding, it was way fun to read back on last turkey day's trauma. nick took on the big D for this turkey day!