Thursday, November 20, 2008

You've been waiting.

You've been waiting for a funny post, I can understand it and appreciate. All you get for your waiting though are shameless ebates plugs and now me presenting you with my current dilemma. Sorry about that. So, all I want for Christmas is new bedding. Love my bed, hate the bedding, my quilt like doesn't even cover the whole top of the bed and looks really silly. So I've been stewing about it. Should I do a duvet? I don't even really get what that is. So it's just like a cover that you stick a comforter in but it's cool because you can wash it, right? Do I just do a plain old comforter? Quilt? I'm at a total loss. Keep in mind I live in Texas, the land of 150 days straight of temperatures over 100. What's the best choice for that?

I've been looking at this little number
in the chocolate brown. I have chocolate brown curtains and light light brown paint in my bedroom. No actual headboard color to worry about. Gotta save my pennies for that one for a while.

What do you think? What do you have on your bed? Where did you get it? Do you like it?

Also. Bentley is getting a CT scan today. Merry Christmas Bentley. And I hope that it all goes well.

And also our garage door broke. Who plans for expenses like that? $700 for a new garage? I'll just park outside thank you very much.


Gretchen said...

Another cool thing about a duvet? In theory you can get a winter comforter and a summer comforter to stuff inside. IKEA even makes one that has a thinner layer, a medium layer, and then the 2 attach to each other for a thick layer. One duvet to match your room, endless comforter options to match the weather. A white comforter can be long term "investment." It's cheaper to change duvets than comforters.
But you heard enough from me at IKEA the other day, sorry.

Good luck Bentley!

Sheyenne said...

I don't have a bed set either. And I've had that same question about duvet covers, but I learned about them at Ikea as well. Also, my garage door broke and I had it fixed today. It was $200, not $700, but of course that all depends on what's wrong with it. Hope everything goes well with Bentley.

julianne orth said...

well, since i am a fabric expert i can give you some advice on this. sorry to all you microfiber lovers out there, but i think you would hate it. I work with it all the time and not only does it attract tons of static electricity, it attracts hair, lint dirt, and it leaves really bad spots if you happen to spill on it or if your kids bottle leaks on it or milk leaks on it... yes you can clean anything off of it from magic marker to mustard, but you will be cleaning it every day. it is very pretty though! sorry to burst your bubble. I would suggest something with lots of pattern so it will hide dirt- that's what i try to do so i don't have to clean things. good luck with finding one! I got a great one from bed bath and beyond that i loved but i just got a new one and it snags like crazy and drives me nuts! but it's the right color- so i will deal with it!

Kristina said...

I love the look of the brown one, but just to confuse you more, I'll tell you that I'm not extremely fond of duvet covers. I had one for awhile and the blanket inside would shift around a lot, which drove me crazy. I don't know if other people have had that problem with duvets or not, though. Our current bedspread is from TJ Maxx. It's a great place to get quilts because the Kings are generally $50--if you can find one that you like. :)

Good luck!

Stephanie T said...

Do a DO-VET! It's way easier to wash, like if someone with a chocolatey drooly face wipes it all over the side of your bed. All you have to wash is the top. Make sure if you do buy a duvet to get the little clippy things to make the corners of the comforter stay at the corners inside the duvet.

Personally my color of choice is white. It's like a hotel room, you can put any other colors with it depending on the season. And you would think it would be harder to keep clean, but it's not. Because for any kind of stain my 4 kids can throw at it, at the end of the day you can soak it in bleach for an hour, and it's sparkling new. That wouldn't be possible with any other color. But hey, you can look at my blog, I have a picture of my bed right at the top today.