Thursday, December 18, 2008

Follow Up

I've been accused of never following up to my we go.

* I won't be able to find out my induction date until the week before it happens, but if I had to choose I would choose the earliest available option, which I am thinking will be the 29 or 30th.

* Here is Gwen's new "do"

Not bad eh? Just don't ask to see the back side because, well, it's not even. At all.

*I can't remember what else. I will be writing a letter to the librarian and until then Gretchen, let's go together .... or perhaps we could just stage a coup.

* I've been anxiously waiting to do a great post about my birthday, because it was a doosy! It involved 90lb milkshakes, a possum, and snowflakes! So hold on for that one (on and a pretty good one about what happens when Blaine helps with the laundry is in the works too).
Unfortunately though my days must be spent packing and wrapping and cleaning in anticipation of our upcoming trip. So the plan is to still go, but we are keeping our eyes on the weather and other stuff, so we'll see. So please don't give up on the blog, I am afraid I will be on a temporary hiatus. It may just last the duration of the drive, but it also may just last the duration of the trip. And If perchance I die en route to Utah - or even just give birth- (or actually my worst case scenario right now is that I go into labor while snowed in in our car in the mountains, we call 911 and they send a Life Flight helicopter and make me ride on a HELICOPTER! Agh!) , someone please tell Blaine "I told you so".

Till then! Merry Christmas!


McCulloch Family said...

29 29 29 29 !!! :)

Blaine said...

I know I have been wondering what the outcome is of all these things. :) Fun post!

kateworthi said...

Accusations are effective, aren't they... :) I'm sorry that you felt attacked from my comment. I love ya! :) I wish I was there in UT with you so I could give you a nugie for that one -you little knuckle head!

kateworthi said...

PS - but I do feel rather more RESOLVED about your blog anyway... :)