Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Twenty Seven

You know how when everyone hits their 100th blog post they write a hundred things about themselves? By the time I knew that was proper blogger etiquette it was way too late, so I was thinking that instead of celebrating my 350th blogpost by writing 350 about me I thought I would spare you by just writing 27 random things about me for my 27th birthday.

* Blaine was my first hand hold and first kiss....and every one of our significant dates doubles up with another (The first time he told me he liked me was 9/11/1998,the first time we held hands was on Halloween, our first kiss was on my birthday (wow, tomorrow is the ten year anniversary of our first kiss--- that's a lot of kissing!), we were married on valentines day, Gwen was born on the two year anniversary of the day he came home from his mission, et[.]
* I am deathly afraid of flying
* I can say the fifty states in alphabetical order in 19 seconds
*I have a knack for memorizing songs. Seriously, I remember all of the choir songs I ever learned and pretty much any song I have ever sang.
* I have a knack for not remembering anything that is not set to music
* I lose my keys CONSTANTLY
* I am a certified scuba diver
* I learned to play the violin (albeit not very well) while Blaine was on his mission
* I once caught a 32lb salmon (not kidding. My dad didn't enter me in the fishing derby, but if he had I would have one. He did, conincidentally, enter himself in the derby and didn't catch a single fish....that's the kind of luck my dad has ; ) ).
* The only bone I have ever broken was in my hand, and I broke it in a store trying on rollerblades (why was I trying on rollerblades? Because the day before I had the bright idea to hold on to the back of my friends car while on my rollerblades, and crashed into the pavement really hard ...did that break my hand? Nope. But standing up while trying on new rollerblades...of course!). There is some debate about whether or not my nose was broken as a kid. Don't know if you've noticed but I have the most atrocious profile because I have a huge bump in my nose and I distinctly remember getting smacked in the face with a basketball.

* I like to drive, Blaine doesn't. So I usually do and it freaks people out, and it really bugs me that it freaks people out.

*If I could live anywhere it would be in the pacific northwest
* The age span amoungst my siblings is huge! My oldest brother was 17 I think when I was born, and I became an aunt when I was 5.

* I once shaved off my eyebrow and cut my own eyelashes and told my mom the boy across the street did it (so sorry about that Jimmy).

* LOVE ice cream.

*I had braces for five years. I was supposed to only have them for one, but I am a very disobedient person, particularly when it comes to wearing elastic bands in my mouth and headgear.

* I have a thing for Hugh Grant. Not really "Hugh Grant" but nearly every person he plays in a movie.

* When I am pregnant I snore and I snort, a lot. Attractive isn't it?
* I love rollercoasters
* I hate, HATE the feel of those egg carton mattresses. I would rather carry shards of glass than carry one of those bad boys.
* I hold pencils and pens really weirdly. I can't explain it, but it creeps people out and it is really making it hard for me to teach Gwen how to hold writing utensils since I can't do it myself.

* One time my friend Julianne told me that if you take more than two steps to your bed after you turn out your light then gremlins will get you. I still never take more than two steps to my bed after the light is out : ). Same thing with shoes on the table, my mom once said that shoes on the table are bad luck and it really bugs me now to see shoes on a table, or counter, or anywhere elevated.

*For some reason I have a thing about people ringing doorbells. Just don't do it if people have children under the age of five.

*I've never seen ET, or like a million of the other movies that everyone else on the planet has seen.

* Blaine makes the money, I pay the bills.

*I'm no good at laundry. I buy perfectly wonderful looking clothes at garage sales that people have used for years. My kids wear them one day and they get stained and never look as good again.

* I love my family more than anything. Seriously, sometimes it almost hurts how much I love them : )

Kind of random, kind of lame, but hey. Happy birthday to me : ).


Janssen said...

Happy Birthday :)

Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday Kristi!

Brooke said...

Happy birthday! I loved your 27 post, and getting to know more about you. By the way the stain thing- there's this thing called Dreft at babies R us, or Walmart, and it's a stain remover thing. It's like $3 for a big bottle, and it's seriously a miracle in my life. I have gotten out every stain with that. You spray it and throw it in the wash and everything comes out. Even blood. Try it. And happy birthday again!

Janelle said...

Happy Birthday, Kristi! You're more than welcome up here in the Pacific Northwest! We can eat ice cream and watch ET and all those other movies that I haven't seen either :)

Seth and Sierra said...

Happy birthday!

Shauna said...


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! Here's to a very happy 27. I gotta tell you.... when I was 27, I would have given anything to be in your shoes.

Blaine said...

What an AWESOME list! I think I knew everything on that list, which is pretty impressive because you really drew from a lot of random parts of your life. How cool that we've loved eachother and even been kissing for more than 10 years now! I love you and hope you're having a great birthday. Thanks for choosing such a fun way of celebrating it on the blog!

Robin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kristi. I wish I had a coupon or something to send you.

(p.s. yes, yes, yes. pick the NW).

Bart said...

Happy Birthday, Kristi!

Susie said...

Hey, what are you doing posting at 2 AM? You must have been so excited about your birthday that you couldn't sleep. Happy Birthday!!!!! Your blog always cheers me up. Thanks for the great post.

Stefanie Miller said...

Hey, did you get my message yesterday? Stef and I celebrated by getting together and going for a walk to the park. It probably wasn't as warm as Austin but not as cold as Salt Lake! I loved your list too. I remember you wearing your elastic bands a lot when you had braces. Are you sure it was your "disobedience" or just an overly confident orthodontist? Remember our "Pact" that you and Laurie and I all signed so that if we were ever to confide in each other something extra secret we'd say "Now, this is pact, okay?" And that was just about as binding as you could get. Maybe that could be #28 next year.
Love, Stef

julianne orth said...

happy birthday! and by the way, i still only take two steps to bed, i just really don't want to find out if those gremlins are really there or not, I am pretty sure they are...

Wendy said...

Loved the list. I always think of you when I "elevate" my shoes.

Annie Banannie said...

Happy birthday! (late, I admit, but still...) :p Loved the list! :D