Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A rant

Today I was handcuffed and escorted, kicking and screaming, out of our local library. Alright, not quite, but I very nearly could have been if I would have reacted the way I wanted to.

This post is a rant, so you really might not care about it unless you happen to visit the same library that I do.

We are going on a 24 hour car ride. I thought it might be nice to have some books. I thought we would visit our friendly local library.

Here's the thing, all of the adult books are on the second floor. The downstairs is all kids stuff and movies and books on tape. Fine, totally fine. Since my kids are crazy and I respect the people who study at the library I have always requested my books online a week before I go and then by the time I get there they have my reserved books waiting on the bottom floor for me. Excellent.

Then I heard through the grapevine that now you can only request a book if the said book is on hold. Which means unless I am reading a popular new release book, I have to go upstairs and get it myself.

So I was all prepared, I had my list of books I wanted with their shelving number on a piece of paper. I did all of my other stuff and was prepared to sprint through the second floor to get all I need. My speed was hampered temporarily when while I was reaching for a book Bentley somehow got his hands on the "same sex marriage" section of books and pulled them all to the floor. Fine, whatever, I cleaned them up. Then over to the other side of the room he started to cry. He cried for approximately four seconds (all the while I was desperately trying to calm him down) before a library employee asked me to leave because I was upsetting the other patrons. Are you kidding me? Literally four seconds.

And that's fine. I totally respect that it needs to be quiet there. I know that, that's why I was hurrying and trying to gag the crying child.

So here's the thing, if you are going to kick out people if their kids make a peep you need to provide an alternative. It's my tax dollars, and my fine money, that funds the library, I should be able to check out a book. Am I right?

So, local library, you should
* pull requested books and put them on the first floor for those of us hillbillies who visit the library once in a while
*provide a librarian who can run up and get our books that we want
* provide child care so we can go get our books
* or heaven forbid you should take that extra 1000sq feet where there is absolutely nothing and make some actual study rooms, you know, with doors and stuff.

Don't harp on me, I've been a student studying in a library, the thing about me is---- I try to not go up there, but when you give me no other way of getting books I HAVE TO.

Little stressed out here.


Blaine said...

YEAH! You stupid librarian! Ooh, you got my blood boiling now. I hate when stuff like this happens. You try to just be a good, law-abiding citizen and people have to be all uppity like that. Way to hang in there. I feel your pain.

Shauna said...

Dumb librarian! I'd make a phone call or something. Or write a letter. Or write a blog post. Wait, you just did that one. Now you should write a letter! Seriously. That is lame of them!

Melissa Ash said...

OOOOOHHHHHH......I would be SOOOOOO mad! And then some! I am so sorry! What a horrible thing to do to someone. Obviously they do not have children themselves, because they would understand. Luckily I live in a place where it is a small little library, and there are lots of kids running wild! Because I leave that place with a screaming child every single time I go!!

Janssen said...

I am afraid of the upstairs librarians. All the nice ones are downstairs :)

Annie Banannie said...

*hugs* You are very right, Kristi. I'm all for the writing the angry letter idea! :p

Bart said...

I'd let them know your experience and how there is no good alternative. Because you've definitely found something they should and can fix.

Janae said...

I would be angry too! That is so wrong. My library is kid friendly except they forget to check in half the books I return. I always have to call them and tell them to go check on the shelves. I know it happens to others because we often check out books that are checked out to someone else.

Gretchen said...

Now I'm even MORE scared about what I'm going to do next time I need an actual grown-up book. Let us all mourn the loss of the library pulling books for you. Apparently parents are doomed to a life of picture books.

Jules said...

I love that library and miss it now that we have a lame library near us. And they do have study rooms upstairs. That being said, i had a similar experience that really ticked me off. I was at the library doing work on my laptop when their network went down. Being as I only had a babysitter for 1 more hour and I had a school assignment that I HAD to get done, I quickly called my husband at work to have him look up my assignment so I could start working on it. I was whispering into the phone (I called him, so it hadn't rung), and the librarian came over IMMEDIATELY and told me that I couldn't talk on my cell phone because it is disturbing. I tried to explain and she basically said that if I didn't put it away, then I could either leave for the day or put my phone at the desk while I worked, like it was high school or something. Meanwhile, about 8 people sitting at the computer desks with non working computers were all chatting while they waited for the network. I understand and respect the "no cell phone" rule, but seriously, there was nobody to bother and everyone else was talking outloud!!!!

They take their job a leettle bit too seriously maybe.... :) And I have witnessed a handful of stressed out parents trying to grab a book while keeping their kid(s) deathly silent and I always feel bad for them.

Kristina said...

That's crazy that they'd freak out because Bentley made a little noise. It seems like as a public place of learning they would want to encourage parents to come in and use their facilities. I like your idea of adding study rooms. It would give the people who really need to concentrate a place to go and maybe it would help the librarians to not get so uptight about kids being in the library.

JoAnna said...

Unbelievable. LETTER!!! No matter what you MUST write a letter. That is just plain wrong.

Alison said...

I have had the same thing happen to me. I haden't heard about the new book pulling rule... that makes it impossible for me to get grownup books now too!!! I think we should all write letters....start a campaign maybe!!

julianne orth said...

some people are so inconsiderate of moms with kids- seriously do they know how embarassing it is for you, and how hard it is to even bring children in public. I would have cried