Thursday, December 4, 2008

Smokin' deals

It's a great day for a bargain folks! Today my new comforter arrived. I think my inner gambler (the one who is addicted to using priceline because I love getting random hotels and the intermittent reward theory that goes along with gambling)loves things like overstock, priceline, etc. because you never know what you are going to get, but usually it's something good. So I ordered a big poofy down comforter from overstock. I went through ebates which earned me 8% cash back on my purchase, making my total about $89 (which, coincidentally is about how much $$ I made from referrals the other day and all of you signing up and making ebates purchases, thanks for my new comforter folks!). Anyway, the comforter came today and I could see who made it and go and find out how much it would have cost me if I went through conventional channels. Turns out is made by Eddie Bauer and retails for $219 (okay, on I just noticed that it told me upfront that that is what it retails for, but it was nice to actually be able to verify it!). So I feel pretty good about that purchase!

Then this afternoon I went to go and pick up some car air fresheners from Chelon, who sells Scentsy (sorry Stef, I totally would order from you but my car stinks in a major way that requires immediate attention; Utah friends you should order scentsy from Stef; Texas friends you should order it from Chelon!). Anyway, not only did she hook me up with majorly good smelling car fresheners, but also loaded up my van with some awesome little baby girl and big girl clothes, plus she gave Gwen a candy cane and me a scent of the month scentsy bar. Talk about a fun visit. And I have to recommend the Scentsy car scents, it totally took away the "whoops I left a bottle half full of milk in the back of the van for over two weeks and it smells like a skunk rolled in raw sewage and died back there" smell. That's pretty powerful stuff.

So anyway, it's a great day for bargains and blessings : ) Thank you overstock and Chelon!


chelon:) said... are sweet!! good luck with everything!

Melissa Ash said...

LOVE Scentsy!!!

Aimee said...

Hey, I ran into your aunt at Beehive Clothing (at the Joseph Smith building) the other day. Small world, eh?