Sunday, December 7, 2008

Six feet?

I have to say, it is a little disconcerting when your parents call you to tell you that they spent their day at the mortuary picking out their coffins (are they coffins or caskets?). I mean, really? I wonder how that decision got made. "No good movies in the theater? No worries, mmmm, I guess we could just go plan our funerals. And hey then we could stop and get some ice cream". Really, they did, even the musical numbers. Since no one else in my family plays the piano we're assuming they want Blaine to. He could start practicing. That's how prepared they are to kick the bucket. Isn't that creepy?
It's really thoughtful though, if you think about it. We won't have to worry about how to pay for a funeral or worry about infuriating my mom by picking out an uncomfortable casket. (*oh my gosh do you think they actually laid in the coffins....that is SO weird! * ). But still, it's not fun to realize that the possibility of your parents passing on is so real that they have actual made purchases for the occasion, I haven't even made purchases for Christmas yet.
It also made me realize something. My cheapness has boundaries. Blaine and I were discussing our casket criteria last night and at first I was like, "eh, just throw me in, I'm dead, right?" and then I was like, "right????" and then I was like....ehhhhhckk that sounds so scary to be buried under the ground, I definitely want a coffin; preferably with like a cell phone...just in case. Then I started thinking how it's not even that fun of an idea to be in a casket, or even cremated. I'd rather a nice room be prepared for me in our home. With a bed. Maybe a little snowwhite setup...that whole glass encased bed thing. That sounds much better. Though it might frighten the children.
Anyway, I am sorry to talk so lightly of something so serious. I think that is my way of coping with it. To quote John Mayer "Don't know how else to say it, I don't want to see my parents go". Sure, I've always teased them about being old, even about kicking the bucket. But really? That will be a sad sad day. And so will be the day that Blaine and I go out on a date to pick out our coffins. I wonder if they make double-wides because, I want him there with me. I don't do scary things without Blaine.


haley said...

I think your cell phone request is funny, especially since you just posted about never knowing where it is.

Blaine said...

Oh, how sweet. I'm glad I can help you with scary things. I was afraid you were going to say "I want him there with me. And I don't care if he's dead or still alive..."

Marcie said...

I noticed yesterday that they sell coffins at Costco. Thats weird.

Jan said...

(*oh my gosh do you think they actually laid in the coffins....that is SO weird! * ).

Well we wanted to make sure they would fit ya know? I mean cause we're like so short. And because We are so short that they gave us a 50 percent discount because they can cut one casket in two.

And yes I do want Blaine to play the piano at my funeral, and just so he can start practicing here's a few of the songs I want, "The Rainbow connection" (btw can Blaine sing like Kermit? just wondering in case he wanted to sing some of the songs too. :-)

"Music Box Dancer" No singing

And "One more Day" I think Diamond Rio sings that one, so Blaine doesn't have use the Kermit voice if he doesn't want to.

You'll thank us for this some day,
Right? Right?????