Thursday, February 5, 2009


I find myself in a bit of a pickle.

Ralphie took Gwen to preschool while I was giving birth last Thursday. When Ralphie picked her up later that day there was a note with Gwen's stuff, which reads...

Leah, our aide has a double stroller y'all can use if you want it. It is at the preschool waiting for you.

Sweet! Okay, but here's the thing...Blaine took Gwen to preschool the next day and Leah, the aide, did in fact have a double stroller, which she gave to Blaine. Blaine, sweet as he is, was a little confused and didn't really gather much information about the stroller...other than something about this lady's sister and freecycle.

So, do you think, based on the information, that we are supposed to be borrowing this stroller, or keeping this stroller? It's a nice stroller! I just can't figure out how profusely to thank Leah the aide.

Also, in these trying economic times, I am considering taking Gwen out of I kind of need to know if I should return the stroller. See the problem?

So, what is your interpretation? The words "can use" make me think that we are just borrowing. The fact that her sister got it off of freecycle maybe makes me think we can have it.

How should I approach the lady, like a week after the fact and be like "hey, so do I get to keep that stroller?" Without sounding like a moron?

In other news. . . I lost 25 lbs this past week. Don't worry, still have 30 left to lose : ) I can't imagine being one of those people who only gain 25, that must be awesome.


Ralphie said...

Hey Kris,

When I talked to the lady I got the feeling that she was lenting it to you. So I would error on the side of caution.
1. Decide whether you are going to take Gwen out of preschool or not.
2. If so, offer the stroller back. See what reply you get.
3. If not, when you see her next be gracious and make mention that it will be returned to her in good condition. See what reply you get.

Peace out.

McCulloch Family said...
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Anonymous said...

I would do exactly what ralphie said just.
Thanks for letting us borrow your stroller when do you need it back by?
Something like that.
Good luck!

Vee said...

I agree with Ralphie and Flip.
Congrats on the 25 lbs. That is fantastic! And just so you know only gaining 25 lbs while your pregnant could be great except I can't seem to lose all of it. So I'm pretty jealous of ya right now.

McCulloch Family said...

Hey, I changed my mind on my response. I think that you should just call her and talk to her about it so that she can hear how much you love it and you can just be honest in how you aren't sure if it's a borrow/keep situation. I know I'm slightly biased since I know everyone in real life but there's my comment, in all of its glory haha :) See you soon, ~J

Joe(y) Speredon said...

Take Gwen out of school. Keep the stroller. If they really want it back they'll come and get it. :)

Marcie said...

AWWW :( ppor Gwen. She needs an outlet. Don't take her out of school. Trust me, it will make your life easier if you keep her in!! The dollars may not be there, but your sanity will!!

julianne orth said...

I have no advise on the stroller... good luck and hopefully you will never see the people again :) congrats on losing the 25 lbs. that is one thing that is fun for me about gaining huge amounts of weight is seeing the scale actually go down every time i step on it!