Saturday, February 14, 2009

Six years!

So today is our anniversary. I know, cheesey. The thing is, we had a day off of school, so we seized the opportunity and got married over a three day weekend (to all of you who are not yet married, go on a lengthy honeymoon, wait till the semester is over to get married, or skip a couple of days of school or something, we're still waiting on that "big trip" we promised ourselves we would go on as soon as the semester was over). February 14, 2003. To all of you who waited until the advent of the digital camera to get married, good on ya. We have a few horrible wedding pictures, and absolutely none of them are on this computer. Lucky for you though...I have some from our highschool years that Blaine's Dad scanned in for us.

Ladies and Gentlemen....I present, our first dance...

I had bang issues. You may want to grab a kleenex because they get worse...

I know, you are all sitting at your computers guffawing, but I seriously remember feeling so pretty in this picture and....what was with the hair? I paid to get it done and it is kind of...spooky. This was the Prom where I held Juan's hand. No wonder his eyes were so big...

One break up and one boyfriend and like a million tears later...we're back together for the last dance of our Senior year... you would have thought I would have had the bang issue under control by now. Nope.
And finally, the only surviving picture of Blaine at graduation...

Thank goodness they make you wear caps.

Aha! I just found a stowaway wedding picture!

Anyway, it's been a good and fast six years. We've lived in a 200 sq ft basement apt in Provo and now are in our first home that is ten times the size. That first apartment, whew. You had to sit sideways on the toilet because the bathroom was so narrow and you couldn't plug in more than one appliance or the fuse would blow and you would have to go upstairs to talk to old man...old man what's his name to get it fixed.

We've lived in Provo, Oregon, Provo again, Minnesota, Provo again, and now Texas.

I finished my degree. We had Gwen. Blaine finished his degree. We had Bentley, and then two seconds later had Ivy.

We fight about keeping old magazines. We stay up late watching X-Files. We dance like lunatics on Saturday mornings. We cry during movies, especially Blaine. We tuck our kids in at night. We eat lots of pizza and popcorn, then get fat and eat no point soup for a while. We play dance dance revolution. We have arm wrestles. I still think it's funny to dump cold water on Blaine while he's in the shower, and he still thinks that is very very not funny at all. I drive the car. He makes the money. When he helps fold the clothes he puts Gwen's in my closet.

Day by day we muddle through our lives. We make memories. At times we feel distant from each other but at times we are closer than I thought I could ever be to anyone. He drives me crazy, he makes me laugh, but I think the most important is that he hides from thunderstorms in our underthestairs closet with me, he lets me stew about getting on an airplane, he didn't care when I lost our $400 in tuition money when I dropped summer semester at BYU. He's forgiving and kind and he's the best dad in this entire world! Just ask anyone who has seen him pushing a double stroller on his six mile runs, with the family dog(s) at his side. He's superdad!

And folks, keep Chuck Bartowski, because Blaine's all mine.

Happy Anniversary Sweetie! Sorry I messed up the heart shaped pancakes.


Seth and Sierra said...

Happy anniversary! I think it's cute how long you two have know eachother/been together! I hope you get your honeymoon soon!
PS: we haven't taken ours yet either :)

Courtney said...

We still haven't had a real honeymoon either. Just a long drive accross country to move Lee's Bride out to the farm :)
Keep up the good work you guys are doing great.

Karina said...

Kristi, what a great blog post...what great pictures. I loved it. What a fairytale life you live. It makes me so happy :)

Karina said...

P.S. We haven't taken our honeymoon either!

Gretchen said...

I think your bang issues were called the 90's. Who didn't have bang issues back then?

Yah, I envy people who got married AFTER digital cameras came into their own too.

I love your summary of married life. It's so real, in a good way. You guys are too cute!

TheMoncurs said...

Happy anniversary!

We thought getting married right before Christmas was an awesome idea...Aaron had 2 weeks off school and he could take less time off work for our 2 week honeymoon.

We will never be able to go anywhere for our anniversary. Like, ever. Because flights are astronomical right around then and we're broke because it's Christmas 4 days later.

We didn't really think that one through.

Janssen said...

Awwwwwwwww, I like you guys so much. What a sweet post. I want to come over and hug you both.

Angela said...

You guys look great in that last picture! Looks like you got those, uh, bangs under control. :) Although I didn't think they looked that bad pictures, you really are just trailblazing in the fashion world.

McCulloch Family said...

I love your bang photos, Gretchen is totally right - that is the entire 90's!

Happy Anniversary! ~Jeannie :)

Corbett Family said...

Congratulations. I'm glad I'm not the only one who will be celebrating my anniversary just a few weeks after having a baby (although it will be ten years for us). The bangs are on all of us who went high school in the late '80s, early '90s. Gotta love it!

Kathrin Paul said...

Ok, wow. This is going to be a long comment so I'm sorry to everyone else who has to pass by it in order to post their own comment. Like that disclaimer helped at all.
1. I can't believe I have been away from your blog for so long! I just read it for the last half hour and laughed out loud several times. There will never be such a gap in my Kristi-news again.
2. Hooray for baby Ivy! Love the name. Congratulations!
3. Six years! That's crazy! I just realized you got married like two weeks before I got home from my mission. I'm not mad. Way to go you guys.
4. Every time I read your blog I want to move to Texas because your friends all seem so funny. And because you're there. Do they need any Middle School English teachers who spend friday's teaching the Electric Slide? More importantly, are there single boys there who are nice and like church and don't spend too much time on the internet?
5. Kristi, have I told you lately how stinkin' awesome I think you are? This should probably be sent in an email, but I'm such a fan of yours. Really, since day one I met you, I have thought you were a champ. I am inspired by you and your cute marriage and mothering skills, and am equally inspired and entertained by your blogging masterpieces.
I think that about covers it.

Donna and Bevan said...

I love you guys and love reading your posts! You and Blaine were so perfect for eachother from day one. I was always jealous of you in highschool for having a cute boyfriend. But I'm sure you knew that. Alas, it all turned out for the best in the end. It's wonderful when you find that someone who's just perfect for you. Congrats on six years!