Thursday, February 14, 2008

ABCs of me

I got tagged by Katie to do the ABCs of me. And since it is 7:ooAM and I am awake and Ben is still screaming in my room, I choose this instead of helping him (hey, I tried to help him all night long with no success, so he can wait.)

A: Attached or single: Attached (really I am very attached, to Blaine, Ben and Gwen!)
B: Best Friend: Well if stuffing you full of awesome desserts and night then dragging your rear end to the gym the next morning three times a week doesn't make you a best friend I don't know what does, so I will say Ralphie
C: Cake or Pie: Texas sheet cake and any pie with chocolate (no fruit, yick). I refuse to choose between the two.
D: Day of Choice: Currently Thursdays, Gwen goes to a little class for three glorious hours. It's scary how much I enjoy it.
E: Essential Item: My bed. It is so big, and so comfortable and I bought it online for a great deal. Match that with the awesome one million thread count sheets and I choose my bed over any other bed I have ever slept in. I wish I could be in my bed right now, but it has been taken over by Bentley....grrrr...
F: Favorite Color: whatever color is left after Gwen has asked everyone in the room theirs (she gets a little upset if we have the same, I usually wind up with green, really though I like them all)
G: Gummy Bears or worms: definitely bears, but not a huge fan of either
H: Hometown: West Valley City, Utah
I: Indulgence(s): paying the big bucks to get Gwen in that class, the wii, and I am currently tempted to indulge myself by paying someone to come and clean my house (note: I know, I am a stay at home mom and it is totally my job to clean my house, but seriously I cannot get on top of it right now. We are seriously in a downward spiral of filth....well, that made it sound bad, but it's not that bad )
J: January or July: in Texas defintely January, anywhere else, July
K: Kids: Why yes, I have two adorable children who are the picture of perfection, nary a peep do I hear from either one. (Wait, I have to take out my earplugs, I think Blaine is trying to say something to me).
L: Life is incomplete without: My family and ice cream (I refuse to just give the obvious answer)
M: Marriage Date: Okay folks this is why I was excited to do this my marriage date? FEBRUARY 14, 2003 -- Happy five years (so what if Blaine went to work at 6AM and won't get home till 9PM, it's our anniversary dang it!).
O: Oranges or Apples: Apples of the Pink Lady variety (or gala, fuji, honeycrisp) but I would choose the worst orage over a red delicious apple any day.
P: Phobias or Fears: Wow, I can't think of any off the top of my head........except for flying, tornadoes, nuclear war, regular war, killer bees, snakes (rattlesnakes in particular), door to door salesmen, tsunamis, public speaking, something happening to Blaine or one of the kids, terrorists, heights, earthquakes......I should really speak to someone about this
Q: Quote: "Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day, but give a fish a man and he will eat for weeks!" sorry I just came across that yesterday and thought it was funny. I used to be really into quotes and have them plastered all over my locker, etc. Not so much anymore, I enjoy hearing a good quote but I don't have lots of favorites or anything.
R: Reason to Smile: The guy from the FBI who came to our door yesterday was indeed NOT there to talk to me about the leapfrog books (which was a relief), still it is somewhat disconcerting that the FBI came to my house.....that's another blog post. Another reason to smile is that there is a small possibility of going on a cruise (for the five year anniversary thing) sometime in like November.....
S: Season: There are three seasons in Texas; October-March is the Celestial season full of perfect, and I mean PERFECT weather. It's seriously the most beautiful weather ever. April - June there is a higher risk for tornadoes, so it's the season of terror and June-September this place is like a fiery inferno (quite the opposite of celestial), so I choose the Celestial season. Anywhere else in the world though I would choose summer.
T: about Cheyenne Alvarez (is that your last name?)
U: Unknown Fact About Me: I nearly lost my eyesight in one eye when a ferral cat jumped on my head and scratched my face when I was a kid (yikes).
V. Vegetarian ? Not really but we eat a lot less meat than we used to--mostly replacing it with portabella mushrooms (it's good you should try it!).
W: Worst Habit: As if I am going to post my absolute worst habit, no way. I can tell you some pretty bad habits though---like letting Bentley sleep in our bed, not folding the laundry until it is all wrinkly again, eating too much junk, not getting Gwen to bed early enough. The list could go on for miles....
X: X-Rays or Ultrasounds: ultrasounds? Never really had an x-ray, but if I had a brain tumor I would definitely choose x-ray.
Y: Your favorite foods: ice cream, homegrown tomatoes, olive garden anything, salmon, any treat (particularly any treat recommended by Ralphie or Janssen!)mexican food, oh wow, it is only 7:45AM but mexican food sounds so dang good right now....
Zippers or Zebras: Uh, zebras, I guess.....I am determined to come up with a better z question.


JoAnna said...

I mean it, Kristi, you MUST write for a living! You are 100% entertainement. This was the such an entertaining post! LOVE it!

And about the hiring someone to clean your house... We do SOOOO much as moms and home-makers and house-keepers. Dusting, vaccuuming, and cleaning the showers are only a few of hundreds of things on our to-do lists. If you can pay someone to do it, by all meands DO IT! And don't feel the least bit guilty about it!

Bret/Dad said...

This was not just pure entertainment, it was also very newsy! For example, I didn't realize that you almost lost your eyesight due to a cat (explains why you keep dogs) I can't wait to hear about the FBI guy coming to the house, and I didn't know that you went to the gym 3x a week. It's all fun. Thanks.

Sheyenne said...

Tell me NOW why FBI came to your house. I must know. You can't just say something like that and leave it there!
And am I supposed to make up the questions for A-Z, or use the ones you had?

kateworthi said...

You are SOOOO funny, and I miss you. So, I want to hear a little bit more about this FBI-guy-thing. Sounds like I would be quite entertained. XOXO,