Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Miracle Diet

In the last week, in addition to my normal food consumption, I have

*eaten a whole pan of these almost single-handedly (you MUST make these, they are hands down the best treat ever created, if you bring me the caramels I will make them for you but I require that you leave me at least half the pan to eat for myself; and Janssen I will never forgive you for introducing me to them because I am sure they will utlimitely lead to my demise)

*eaten two whole packages of girl scount cookies (did you know the carmelitas are 170 calories per serving. One serving is two cookies. That's disgusting)

*eaten "The Big Night Out" at the melting pot. Wow.

*missed the last three workouts with Ralphie

So I grimaced as I stepped on the scale this morning. I had lost 2 lbs! I was the lightest I have been since before Gwen was conceived. Bring on the caramel bars, that's all I've got to say!


Robin said...

OK. I'm on your plan, then. I started weight watchers 10 days ago and have bee choking down cabbage chicken ca-ca and sandwiches on whole wheat pita WITHOUT cheese or mayonnaise. Did you know 1 tablespoon of peanut butter is 5 POINTS!?!??! I'm starting to get jealous of the PB&J's I put on Talmage's tray.

Sheyenne said...

Hey Kristi,
I just gave away 5 bags of caramels, but I'm sure it was for the best.
And, nothing to do with your post but, email or call me. Your info in the ward list is outdated.

Sheyenne said...

PS. Those desserts will catch up with you. I always lose well the week after I've been good, and gain the week after I've been bad. Don't know how that works exactly, but I always think I'm okay and then *BAM* 3 lbs, straight onto my butt.

Janssen said...

You LOVE me for introducing them to you :)

And I love you for introducing me to Lost. Bless your caramel filled heart!

kateworthi said...

You have been looking awesomely trim lately. Keep up the good work. Viva caramel!!!! You always say I look skinny, but I've not been doing too well lately. I know I've gained a few pounds although I haven't yet stepped on the scale to find out just how much... You really do look fabulous - for real.

Jules said...

Yeah, I frequently follow a similar diet to this. I once downed 100 cadbury creme eggs in less than two weeks. I joke not.

I think I might just have to bake those brownie things tonight. :)

JoAnna said...

I made these last night for a neighbor. I used the new bags of caramel bits rather than unwrapping 48 caramels! Much easier! You'll have to try it and tell me if it tastes the same.