Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Five a day

A night out on the town! That's what we deserved today since Blaine had been gone since 6:30 AM and it was fast approaching 6:30PM and we didn't expect to see him until past 9:00. I racked my brain trying to think of what fine dining option would tickle my fancy. I decided that since I was going to have to deal with Gwen the whole time I might as well give her the choice of what she wanted, so I asked "Gwen, what sounds good for dinner?" expecting a half hearted "nuggets" or the typical "PBJ" response. Imagine my surprise when instead I got an enthusiastic "Broccoli! I LOVE Broccoli! Lets have Broccoli for dinner!!"

To me this says one of two things
a) I have raised my kid right and she has an appropriate love for vegetables
b) Her little body is so deprived of nutrients that her toddler brain is on it's last legs and in an act of pure desperation she actually requested broccoli.

I choose the first option though I fear it may be the second.

With such an honorable request though I did spring the extra thirty-five cents and got her a fruit cup instead of fries at chick-fil-a. We'll save the broccoli for tomorrow......


Bart said...

That made me laugh. I want broccoli too.

Michelle said...

When we went to disneyland, Morgan was talking to the turtle (can't think of the name) anyways, he asked her what her favorite thing to eat was-she said Broccoli. The funny thing is, she truly loves broccoli and mushrooms. But give her some fruit and she will throw a fit.

Julie said...

Hopefully she'll want broccoli again and won't change her mind about it!

Wendy/mom said...

Hurray for Gwen!! Grandma loves broccoli, too. There is a wonderful Cream of Broccoli Soup recipe in the Winder Cookbook pg. 98. We all love that!