Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The truce

Blaine's peronal philosophy about being a "romantic guy" is that unless I am willing to play the part of the typical romantic comedy female lead and pause in the middle of a big argument to pull him close for a big smooch he is not willing to act like the romantic guy and bring me flowers everyday, etc. Well, we have come to a truce on that because when I am mad the last thing I want to do is kiss someone. So I open my own door and don't expect too many little romantic surprises in general. Not to say that there are never romantic surprises, there are.

HOWEVER, once a year when holidays align (our anniversary is on Valentines Day), he throws his "unromantic guy" image out the window and puts all other men to shame. It's true. And it has been true every year of our marriage. The year we got married he wrote a song (music and lyrics) to sing to me at our wedding dinner. See romantic. He has really pulled out the big guns in the most recent years though.

In 2006, the year we spent in Minnesota, was an "anniversary for the senses". So all throughout the day I kept receiving little gifts for each sense. My favorite of which was when a string quartet showed up at our door and sang me a song and gave me a rose. I guess one of the guys is someone Blaine works with, it was very memorable. I have never been crooned to before.

And every year he compiles a list of memories from throughout the year. This is very thoughtful and very fun. And it works great for people like us who are horrible at keeping journals.

This year, as you all know, Blaine was busy on Valentines Day (I spent the evening eating sugar at B and Ralphie's house, which was also very fun and tasty, but how can you not feel like a third (or fifth) wheel on Valentines day?). So we were all scheduled to celebrate on the 25th (yesterday).

However on Saturday Blaine surprised me with a note saying that since it was our five year anniversary we were going to celebrate it with a five day cruise! Okay, not really, but he did say we were going to celebrate for five days. So on Saturday he went with me to home depot to help me build my garden (which after seeing how much work it would take to actually build a garden we decided on buying some pots instead) on Sunday he surprised me with two boxes of girl scout cookies (yes they are all gone now, no I did not share, yes each box contained over 1,000 calories of goodness, yes I look like I am five months pregnant again.) and day three was a romantic dinner! I am going to write a seperate post about the dinner so as to not overwhelm you!


TK said...

"An anniversary for the senses?" Dang it Blaine! I hope my wife doesn't read this post. I'll be put to shame!

Kristi, please delete this post as quickly as possible.

Kristi said...

I'm telling you it was awesome. Something to taste, something to see, something to touch (that was the list of memories, something to touch my heart), something to hear, something to smell. It rocked.

Sheyenne said...


Jennifer said...

WOW! Who cares if he opens your door for you when he does stuff like that! I"m sending this post to Ivan ASAP! Maybe he'll get the hint. =)