Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rootie Tootie

On Valentines Ralphie had me over for dinner (Blaine had to work late- sad!) Bart and Janssen joined us and brought a fun dvd. I thought it was pretty hilarious, especially this part.

And if someone could please teach me the finer points of embedding a youtube video in my post I would appreciate it. I try every time and I fail every time. Enjoy!


The G Clan said...

That was pretty funny!! Thanks for the laugh.

Linds said...

Brian Reagan is HILARIOUS. I have his dvd too... I love this one about serving sizes:

Gretchen said...

Gimme a call or email if you have trouble, I'll walk you through YouTube embedding any time!

Bart said...

In Blogger, when you're creating a new post, click on the "Edit Html" tab on the upper right hand side of the editor (my guess is you've been doing everything right, but just in the "Compose" tab, which does not accept Html).

Then copy the YouTube embed formula and paste it into your post, which is now able to accept the Html since you clicked on the "Edit Html" tab.