Monday, October 27, 2008

A Case Study

I was able to teach the Young Women's lesson in our ward today. I hate teaching. I am not good at it (don't you dare say I am, it's okay to not be good at somethings, and it's okay to admit it and even embrace it : ). Anyway though I had a busy week I spent a lot of time thinking about and preparing the lesson. It was such a pity when I left my lesson at home. You can't tell me a good teacher does that! Luckily I did remember to bring all of my visual aids and I was able to remember most of what I wanted to talk about. I prepared a "case study" for my lesson that I thought you might enjoy... feel free to take the test and I will post the answers later...

Case Study #1

Sister Tessab* is going to be teaching a Young Woman’s lesson on health habits on Sunday. She knows a lot about health and nutrition, though she doesn’t always put her knowledge to practice. In honor of her giving this lesson on Sunday Sister Tessab tried to be extra careful with her eating habits during the week. Newg, her daughter, turned four on Thursday and Sister Tessab bought the family a pizza to celebrate. Knowing that pizza has lots of calories, Sister Tessab choose the Veggie pizza and only ate two pieces (instead of the three that she wanted), and then had two cupcakes for dessert (they were small cupcakes after all). Later she researched just how many calories she had eaten. It turns out that each slice of pizza had 350 calories! That’s 700 calories of pizza , and each cupcake had 150 calories, that is 300 calories of cupcakes. That is a total of 1000 calories! How long will sister Tessab have to exercise to work off this simple meal that took her only twenty minutes to consume?

Walking her dog __________________

Playing Volleyball ____________________

Swimming Laps ______________________

Playing the accordion __________________

Running ___________________

Oh wait! Sister Tessab, due to excruciating lower back pain (due to being pregnant), doesn’t do any of those things! How long will it take her to work of the calories by….

Sweeping the floor __________________

Washing the dishes __________________

Vacuuming _________________________

Ironing __________________________

*Names have been changed.


Also, it took me printing this out THREE times before I made sure it said "Tessab" every time. Which reminds me, for my entire marriage (going on six years now), I have always said my name "Bassett, you know, like the dog", and I just found out like six months ago that "Bassett" like the dog is really "Basset". Whoops.


TheMoncurs said...

Man I LOVE teaching (adults. Primary was my own personal hell). I honestly could not think of a calling I want more than YW adviser because that means I'd get to teach sometimes.

Sigh. You are so lucky.

Kristi said...

Oh yeah, it's my dream calling too--except for the teaching part : ) And it goes okay, I just have really high stress levels for like a month beforehand. That which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, right?

Earl and Vickie said...

You can TOTALLY blame that one on Blaine, he's had the name longer than you. Are you sure this isn't one of those things like "Keeping Up Appearances" on public TV? Bucket vs BOOKAY......

Sheyenne said...

You don't have enough floor to sweep to burn off all those calories, so in honor of your health, and as a selfless act of kindness, I will bypass burning my own calories and let you come over and sweep my floor and wash my dishes. Because I'm especially caring and concerned about your well-being, I'll allow you to mop and dust too. But you'll owe me after this.

Stef Bassett said...

Kris, they are lucky to have a teacher like you! And I have no idea how long it would take to burn off 1000 calories (how long?), but I know when youa are prego, you get hungry, so don't worry about it, it was Newg's birthday after all :)!

Susie said...

Hi Kris,
Just have to tell you that I have been a primary teacher for a couple of months now and for the last two weeks in a row left my lesson manual home while remembering all the visual aids, etc. The first week I was so embarrassed I knew it would never happen again. What must everyone think?! Anyway, our primary has manuals in their closet. I know right where they are!