Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The truth comes out....

I'm here to tell you, I LOVE MY DOGS. I know, you're thinking no, you don't. I am an avid blog reader and one of every five entries is about how much you DISlike your dogs. Well, friends, I love them. Here are some of the many, many, MANY reasons I do.

*They don't shed. Really they don't. There isn't dog hair stuck on my couch, on my floor or anywhere. They don't shed.

* They clean up the floor. Seriously. When you weigh a million and three pounds it's hard to bend over to clean up messes left by a certain male child who has no problem flinging his steamed peas across the kitchen if they aren't cooked to his satisfaction. With Swiper and Boots around all we have to do is invite them in to clean up after Bentley has eaten and whalaaaa, sparkling clean floors. Sanitary? Maybe not, but clean, yes.

* They're funny to watch. Really. Swiper tries to bury his bones in my couch. Not like rip up the couch but he shoves his bone in the crevice between cushions. Funny.

* They are gentle with the children. Bentley can pull on Boots beard. Gwen can dress them up like baby dolls and they take it all in stride. Nary a growl to be heard.

* When they run away they *usually* come back all on their own with little or no effort on my part.

* FREE security system. Could any bad guy penetrate the fortress of security that is Swiper and Boots. Not likely my friends, not likely.

* They love us. For how much we used to talk about selling them, they sure do forgive quickly.

*When Bentley decided he didn't like the expensive baby meat sticks I bought him, the dogs came to the rescue by deeming me a superhero every time I gave them one.

Moral of the story? You want to watch my dogs while we go to Utah for Christmas. Really, you'd love it. We can't afford a kennel and both of our parents were less than thrilled at the idea of having house guests with four legs. Blaine suggested that perhaps the reason no one wants to take in our boarders is that I only say negative things about them on the blog, and I thought...true. So here's saying. LOVE the dogs. *You* would love the dogs. I know it.


Blaine said...

Zero comments, ouch. I think I hear crickets. Maybe we should say that we would be willing to pay people if that helps, just hopefully not as much as a real kennel costs which would be like a hundred dollars a day. :-)

Great post and a great ode to the dogs. I love em too!

Strong Family - said...

Sorry, we made a strict rule at our house after the last dog that no animal will enter our home until the last baby is at least 3 years old. But you might want to mention if they're really well potty-trained or not. :-) Lauree

Sheyenne said...

I'll watch your dogs at Christmastime. There is no sense in paying a kennel a buttload of money so they can be cages up for 23 hours a day.

Kristi said...

Wouldn't the world be a better place if there were more Sheyenne's in it? Love this girl.

Stefanie Miller said...

You're coming to Utah for Christmas? Yes! Any trips to St. George planned? You're going to miss that perfect weather when you're freezing in Salt Lake City. Well, we are coming to SLC, so hopefully we'll see you one way or another. We'd totally watch your doggies... if we lived in Texas. Too bad.

McCulloch Family said...

We have Miniature Schnauzers and love them (most of the time) too! They are amazing little stinkers :)