Friday, October 3, 2008

Conference project...

I know how you all love it when I step up onto my soapbox and preach to you about my world views. I try to keep my blog pretty neutral and to not weigh in on important topics or spout of my political views or whatever, but I do have to say, again, that I think you should recycle. It's only a dollar a week if you live in the city where I live. A dollar for a bin that they will come to your house and empty for you. Plus, then you save on garbage bags, like not kidding, we use one garbage bag every trash day now instead of like three. I hope you feel guilty every time you throw away a milk bottle or cereal box. The end.

In that line of logic comes my great and magnificent conference project. I want to stop using plastic bags. I am totally won over by the reusable shopping bag idea. The ones they sell though are too small and I think I can do one better. I am going to make my own reusable shopping bags out of my old, destroy the world, shopping bags. It's going to rock. Now I just need to find a mentor who will help me learn to crochet. I think Gretchen is going to, and that's why Gretchen rocks (and also because she can make sushi). So anyway, tomorrow for conference I am going to cut and tie my bags into yarn. Wish me luck.

Here is the project :

* My apologies to all of you who read on google reader and get the previous edition of the post in which the link took you to a post about killing chickens. I don't kill chickens, at least not on conference weekend. I have my standards.


Janssen said...

I read it in google reader, but it didn't show up as a chicken killing link. Too bad I just took all my bags back to the recycle bin at HEB. Alas.

I know how to crochet too!

Sheyenne said...

Amen sista'! I have reusable bags from Target, and they are huge. I absolutely love them. And they come in very handy for carrying home loads of library books as well. I occasionally don't take them into the store when I need to replenish my pooper-scooper bag supply though.