Thursday, October 2, 2008


Conversation between Blaine and I approximately 17 months ago- April 2007
Me: "Wow, this is an amazing deal we found on the Accord. A 36 month lease for only (insert really good monthly payment here, think lower two hundreds) and hardly anything down. Really, it's a steal"

Blaine: "Yeah and to think we will be driving a nice car for three years and then we will probably just buy it at the end because we love it SO much, that or else maybe in three years we will be considering leasing a van and we can just trade it in."

Kristi: "Yeah maybe we will need a van in three years, even if we still only have two kids it would be nice for traveling back and forth to Utah, but surely, surely we won't need one before three years [lovingly caress my pregnant belly]"

Blaine: "This is perfect and we are perfect and we are so happy, let's kiss"


Conversation from Blaine and I in April of 2008-- five and a half months ago

Me: My car [a 1998 Chrysler Cirrus] is a heaping pile of crud. I think we should get me a new car.
Blaine: Yes, love muffin, we should!
Me: We could look at vans, I know it's a little early but maybe we should consider it [spirit whispering "YES, consider it, we have a surprise for you!"]
Blaine: Yeah, cool.
Me ( after hours of research and looking at the possibility of gas being $4 a gallon minimum): You know, I was thinking, maybe we should just get you a commuter car that gets great gas mileage . We won't need a van until the Accord's lease is up and then we will save money and maybe by then we will actually be able to afford a van.
Blaine: You are so smart, and so pretty. I am the luckiest man alive.


Conversation in June of 2008

Me: Surprise, we're pregnant....again.
Blaine: What?
Me: [Pointing to belly for emphasis] "You DA MAN"
Blaine: wow.
Me: wow.


Conversation between Blaine and I in September 2008 two days ago

Me: You know what? It's okay that I will have to cram three kids in three carseats in the back of our accord. The accord is pretty big and it's only for like three months until the lease is up.
Blaine: Yeah. Good thinking. You are the hero here, that will be a pain but I am so happy that you are willing to do it.


Conversation Yesterday
Me: Am I an idiot? Our lease isn't up THIS coming April it isn't up until April 2010. I am not lugging around three children in three carseats in the back of an Accord for a year and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So somehow in my mind since I have been pregnant I have not been too stressed about the car situation because, really like I will be going anywhere the first three months, and I guess I just forgot that we signed a THREE year lease instead of a TWO year lease. Hmmmm. Actually I think my mind is still adjusting to the fact that, yes, I really am having another baby and as a coping strategy it has skipped a year in it's thinking.

So the big question is.... what now? We love the Yaris! He gets like 36 mpg in that baby and it is so darn cute, but it's the only car we own.

Moral of the story? Don't forget how long your lease is. And use at least three methods of contraceptives unless you own a van.

Oh but I do think it is important to note, since I was so careful to always alert you to how overwhelmed and discouraged I was feeling about this pregnancy, that I am very excited to have this little baby. I wouldn't trade my situation for anything (now that the worst part of pregnancy is over!). I can't wait to meet her, and surely life will be crazy for like.....well, for the rest of it, but I love my kids a ton (really I think I may love them more than any other mom loves their kids), and I love this one too. Even though my back already hurts every second of every day : )

Now the question is, how am I to carry on in my "gallavanting around town" lifestyle when I can't fit my entire brood in one car. I had the great idea that Blaine should ask NI for a donation towards a van. See they bought the Wilkinson's one when they had their baby. Alright, so they had five babies.....all at one time. But still, we don't need them to buy the whole van, but we were thinking maybe 2/5ths would be fair. Ha. Kidding. We'll just walk. Wait. I don't have a triple stroller. Hmmm....must keep pondering.


Sheyenne said...

How do you always manage to be so darn funny?

And I've come up with the perfect solution for you. Gwen in a sidecar. Problem solved.

Gretchen said...

You know, I think they make some really nice luggage racks... don't know that they have LATCH...

It's funny how you never know. We bought our van sooner than we needed it so that we'd be ready for #3 and 3 years later we're still not even pregnant...

Emily said...

We did the three kids in the backseat of an accord for 3 months. But our kids have short arms and couldn't quite strangle each other. It was handy; my oldest could put in a pacifier.

But we couldn't really go anywhere, like across utah. And the double stroller BARELY fit in the trunk. So we bought a van and held our breaths as we drove into our garage (we werent' sure it would fit) But looking back I'm sure we could have made it in an Accord. IF your carseats are small and I believe your kids have short arms. Put Gwen in the middle and she can help the other two. Oh, that's what it was, Natalie couldn't buckle her seatbelt with the other two carseats threatening to smush her to death. So, anyway, good luck. Live on love and cheerios. Whatever it takes.

Joe Speredon said...

"This is perfect and we are perfect and we are so happy, let's kiss"


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we are in the same sitch. We will have 3 in the back of our Camry. Our other alternative is driving around the 15-passenger van that usually sits in our driveway, owned by James's school. Great.

I enjoyed your accurate replays of yours and Blaine's conversations. That was hilarious.

But hey, look at the bright side: at least you're not still driving Mahonna!

Blaine said...

Great post! It not only makes for a great record of some of the challenges we are going through in our life but, for once, it also finally portrays how darn sweet I always am to you schnooklebottom. Love you. Let's kiss...

Laurie said...

as the owner of a minivan for approximately 24 hours, I say, this is the life. It totally freaks me out to see it parked in my garage b/c I seem so Adult, but it was awesome taking Anna to preschool today and not having to bend and stretch to buckle them in. The highlight of my van is that the kid doors open at the touch of a button, even from outside the car.... it's worth the extra money in gas.
Just don't ask me next month when the payments actually begin.

Aimee said...

Don't you guys all have big heads? If so, you may not have enough oxygen for all five of you in the Accord. You may need to break your lease early...

Bart said...

Go for a Honda Odyssey. We're taking care of the Mabeys' kids right now, and driving the Odyssey feels like driving a Nissan Maxima!

JoAnna said...

"Moral of the story: use at least three methods of contraception unless you own a van."

FREAKING funny, girl!!