Friday, September 26, 2008


So, what's the big deal with oatmeal?

I have been thinking lately that I would like to eat a healthier breakfast. So I have been choking down oatmeal for the past week. Then today I compared the label of oatmeal with the label of cheerios and found that...

Oatmeal has more

Saturated Fat

While Cheerios has more

on and on

They have about the same fiber.

So granola friends I ask of you, what is oatmeal giving me that cheerios is not...besides more fat and fiber?


TheMoncurs said...

Are you making your own, like from a big old thing of oats? Or are you making the stuff from the packet? Because the packet stuff is crap.

Todd and Julie said...

I'm not sure about the difference in healthy stuff, but I usually HATE oatmeal! I can barely get it down without choking and wanting to puke! BUT... I have started eating it EVERY day! Here's the secret... I cook the oatmeal (the real stuff - not the packaged 'crap'), I add 2 Tbsp. of brown sugar and 1 full cup of frozen berries (you can buy a huge bag as Costco for $10). It is so yummy - and healthy. As for as the healthy part - the commercial says it's supposed to be lowering your cholesterol levels. Who knows? I don't think Cheerios are unhealthy - it's the 2 tablespoons of white sugar you have to dump on them so they taste good! :)

Jennifer said...

Well, truth is, oatmeal is healthier because it just is. It's what nature gave us. Cheerios...while they are "fortified" are also a highly processed food which makes it basically useless when it comes to nutritional value. Sometimes they are tasty though. =)

By the way, just to put my two cents in on how to cook oatmeal. I hate the directions on the box. I always add a bit more water and cook them a lot longer. We put pure maple syrup and cinnamon on it (a little cream makes it even tastier). Oh, and don't worry about the fat content, it's good fat. =)

Stefanie Miller said...

Assuming that I am included in your "granola friends" category, here is a little lesson in health: the closer you can get to eating foods in their wholesome state, the better. If you're making oatmeal from rolled oats (not the packets- they're crap =), you are eating just that- a whole grain oat that has been rolled flat, and cooked in water by you. If you're eating cheerios, you're eating oats that have been pulverized into flour, and I don't know if it's "whole grain" oat flour or the equivelant of white flour, with the bran and the germ removed. So you take this processed, refined product and dump sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup and all sorts of synthetic vitamins and minerals that your body can't assimilate to "replace" what you lost when you messed with the grain in the first place. Then you put some preservatives in since you have no idea how long it will be sitting in warehouses and grocery stores and someone's pantry shelf and you have a very dead, non-wholesome food. You really can feel good about eating oatmeal. We like it just with frozen blueberries from costco/walmart and honey. The honey doesn't freak your pancreas out like sugar- but I guess that's another topic. Whatever happened to the 10 grain cereal you used to make? That was good.

reyesohana said...

Some good comments already. Informative for me.
I actually really like oatmeal and I have even gotten my kids to eat it as well. I have decided that I like the real oats (not even the quick stuff). I also have decided that I do not like mine mushy. I put only enough water in it to see the water (if that makes any sense) and then I only cook it for a minute. It isn't mushy, but still cooked. I love it with a little brown sugar and fresh peaches. Tastes like a peach cobbler to me. If peaches are not in season I do frozen blueberries. I like to put the blueberries in frozen and get a similar effect of hot pie with ice cream. Okay - hope you don't think I am crazy to write all this out. I really just think you should experiment with cooking it and find the texture that you like : )
PS. I really enjoy reading your blog. You are a great writer. I think you should write a book.

Laurie said...

And didn't Blaine's mom say her greatest regret in life was not serving her kids a hot breakfast every day? Oatmeal's got it, Cheerios don't. :)
I like the packaged "crap". In fact, I just bought like 12 boxes of it at a caselot sale. But, I can cook the regular stuff and still like it, which is good when I think of food storage/emergency stuff.

Robin said...

Just so the "fat" doesn't feel ostracized - dude ... seriously, pour a little bit if unwhipped whipping cream on those oats. MmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! wow. Let's say that again! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm

Kristi said...

Okay granolas, I appreciate your comebacks, I do, BUT...if we are putting sugar on the oatmeal isn't it the same as putting sugar on the cheerios? Just brown sugar better than white or something?

I've been making it with half soy milk and half water. Which makes it creamy and hey don't you all love soy milk?? And it's fine, but when you can't choke down your prenatals it is at least good to know that I'm getting some vitamins : )

Good thing I used Cheerios as my example and not Count Chocula (which I probably eat more often )

I appreciate the input, thanks!

P.S. oats sit on my pantry a lot longer than my cheerios, but do they still not have preservatives? That's worth something. And dude, you are one of the granoliest. That's a compliment.

TheMoncurs said...

I sweeten mine with honey. I had the same problem with needing TONS of sugar to make it sweet enough to eat. But if you use honey it really doesn't take much. And I usually throw on frozen blackberries. It makes my oatmeal purple! Or peaches, because as someone said above, it's like having peach cobbler for breakfast.

Janey said...

Holy cow Kris. Your pregnant! Just eat whatever you want! I would personally say to eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch (that's my favorite). Just be sure to "choke down" those vitamins so baby Jane stay's healthy! But, if you REALLY want to be healthier, I say go for the 10 grain...I don't love oatmeal unless it is the "crap" stuff.

Kristi said...

Ahh but my dear friends, that ten grain cereal came from my beloved Winco. WHich I left when I left the beloved northwest. I don't think they believe in ten grain cereal here in Texas....

Lucky Robin. I heart WinCo.

Stefanie Miller said...

Rolled oats don't have preservatives... as far as I know. So they will go bad eventually, but you'd know it if they did. Hey, this is fun! I think I could get used to this commenting thing. Ever thought of making your own granola with your oats? It's good with yogurt and stuff.

Jennifer said...

Sugar is not the same as honey or maple syrup (pure maple) Sugar has no value whatsoever nutritionally and causes blood sugar spikes. Pure RAW honey and pure maple syrup are natural sweeteners that have not been refined and actually do have value with important enzymes and vitamins (maple has like a ton of manganese {very important for women} and iron and calcium.) I could go on and on...Oh, and I have to second the cream thing, it is very yummy! (Although I think I did mention it in my first comment)

Jill said...

You can also sweeten it with apple juice (no sugar added of coarse) and cinnamon. Mmm, I love oatmeal!

Anonymous said...

You know, protein and fiber are really good things (when they don't come from hotdogs or something). Besides, you'll get Count Choculitis.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just found a bunch of pictures Nick posted on the web, through a rabbit trail from that "what's cookin" website of yours. . . er, ours. It was fun to see his cute wife and son. You'll have to tell him that I think that guy looks like Ian too. That's pretty funny.

Megan Kroff said...

My favorite breakfast ever! Oatmeal . . .only cooked for two minutes tops (none of that mush stuff). Put craisins and chopped walnuts on top. I actually stay full until lunch time and because the craisins are so tart it doesn't make me want sugar.

Kimberly said...

Holy oatmeal comments! Guess I better go have a bowl. By-the-way,I have no advice on the matter.

But I do want to know where in the Northwest are you from? Did I know this? I am from Hillsboro, Oregon. Are you from anywhere close? Just curious. Maybe a good reason to have you over for some OATMEAL cookies!