Thursday, September 25, 2008

There ain't no sunshine when he's gone...

Well, except there kind of is. Because tonight for dinner we had apples with peanut butter for our main course and then for dessert a bowl of cheerios. Last night for dinner we also had cheerios. Night before that? Ralphie took pity on us and fed us well. Night before that? Went out to dinner.
The other sunshine there has been is that, in order to maintain safety and security in the Bassett home while Blaine was out on business, we had to get the dogs groomed. My theory in this is that I wanted the dogs to sleep in the bed. Gross huh? Mostly because they have really good ears and I wanted to know if they could hear anything spooky or amiss in the house. But I wasn't going to let my stinky disgusting dogs sleep in my bed. So I had to take them to the groomers. And boy they look purty.
Anyway, so there is a little sunshine, but mostly we miss him. Oh and place your bets now....who do you think gained more weight this week... Blaine who was eating on the companies dime (which, I've seen first hand, can get out of control....appetizers? yes. Main course? Obviously. Desserts? Bring them on. Specialty drinks? No doubt about it). Or me who was eating non stop and absolutely nothing healthy (besides cheerios which are fortified right?). I am curious to see who wins. And by wins I mean gains the least : )


Wendy said...

The one (and perhaps only) advantage of having a husband gone - you don't have to cook.

Thanks for having Gwen call today!!

Sheyenne said...

We have cereal for dinner 60% of the time when Dario is gone. And he's gone a LOT. The other 40% consists of McNuggets, frozen nuggets, or sandwiches.
And my bet's on you to win of course!

Janey said...

Blaine totally gained weight! I ate with him at one of the meals...he didn't take it easy. He was in stuffing as much food in as possible because he knew he couldn't take it home for leftovers. To give him credit though...he shared with us....and he regretted that he did get the specialy drink, he said it wasn't that good. Thanks for sharing him though. It would have been way more fun with you!