Monday, September 8, 2008

Pumpkin Pie Surprise

Last night we invited some friends over to eat homemade pumpkin pie, as in made from actual pumpkins. Blaine has a thing for pumpkins and really enjoys roasting the seeds and making pies from scratch. Last week at the store they had pie pumpkins in stock, so the festivities of 2008 have officially begun (they were supposed to begin with pie pumpkins grown in our own garden, but we all know what happened to that).
So our friends come over and their cute daughter is playing with our cute daughter when all of the sudden their daughter starts screaming. Our friend ran upstairs to find that she had jammed a thermometer in her ear....on no big deal right? Yeah luckily I had written in marker on the thermometer "rectal only". Who keeps rectal thermometers laying around in their kids rooms? That's disgusting. In my defense, Gwen was sick and I had used the thermometer recently, but still.
Anyway, the pumpkin pie was very good, but if it was good enough for our friends to overcome the severe lack of hygiene in this house, only time will tell!


Wendy said...

I don't think Blaine even ate pumpkin pie growing up! (But he has always loved seeds.) That's a fun tradition! And about the thermometer - was the girl's ear bleeding? How bad was it?

Kristi said...

Oh she was just fine, no worries :)

Kenneth and Emily said...

This isn't really a comment to your post... but I just wanted to remind you how glorious boston is in the fall - you should totally come visit us :)

McCulloch Family said...


Sarah said...

Exactly... no worries :)