Wednesday, September 3, 2008

$0.99 update

Okay, I just have to revise....I just checked my junk e-mail (I have a whole junk e-mail address that I check like once every two months...really it is a great idea, anytime I sign up for anything I just use that address, it's nice) anyway and I noticed one of the headlines was that Arby's is temporarily reintroducing the Arby-Q sandwhich, for only $.99. Awesome. And I totally sound like a fast food junkie, which I am not, but hello, for a dollar? Can't be beat.


Anonymous said...

Ok so I totally ordered the Tostada yesterday, and it was amazing! I am so glad that you told me about this!
Thanks fids.

Anonymous said...

Kristi- Ang here. Now that I have a google identity I will tell you that I check your blog once in a while and find myself perusing and lingering. My favorite entry that I'm still laughing about is the "highlight" of your trip where you spent the drive home in a tense silence because you tried to eat Blaine's food and he got mad. Class-ic. By the way I want the recipe for whatever that gooey treat is.

Anonymous said...

Me again. Hey, how the heck do you post youtube videos? I tried signing in to youtube, but is there any way around somehow downloading the video onto a computer file and then posting it on your blog? I don't get it.