Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well, we made it back from Corpus Christi, safe and sound and in one piece. It was a fun trip and here are some highlights.

* Crashing in our hotel room when we first got there at 4:30PM and ten minutes later, just as we had all fallen asleep some random woman coming in our hotel room with all of her luggage. She had her own key. And apparently she had already checked in and had just left for an hour. I don't know who was more surprised. Since we were sleeping in the bed already we kept the room, which was rather unfortunate because it really really smelled like something had died in there. It. was. disgusting. Everytime we walked in we had to plug our noses. Too bad Blaine and I are so passive and didn't walk down and demand a new room.

* Gwen sleeping on the Lazyboy. Priceline has been good to us but you never know what you are going to get. This time we had a queen bed and no sofa bed. Bummer. Since we only have one portacrib Gwen resorted to sleeping on the lazyboy. What an adaptable child. I don't know what we'll do with three kids. Maybe we will just have to lug around three port a cribs wherever we go. Or. Gasp. Pay full price for a hotel room. (Never!).

* Going to the Corpus Christi beach and running for the water only to be tackled by a family who warned us that the waters were jelly fish infested. Which was really true. There were hundreds washed up on the beach and you could see the water was thick with them. Just so everyone knows, when I raved about the Corpus Christi beach before, I meant the Port Aransas beach....the actual Corpus Christi beaches are all infested with jellyfish, quite freaky.

* Eating at "mama-citas" mexican restaurant....where they charge $1.50 for a can of pop and the toilets were not attached to the ground. That's right. Had I seen the restrooms before we had sat down and started eating chips and salsa....actually though the food was good and we'll just pretend there was a real nice employee restroom. With soap....and stuff.

* Bentley not sleeping at all the first night. Not one wink.

* Wow, all of these memories are making it sound like a bad trip....it really wasn't. Besides, who remembers trips where things go perfectly?

* Going to sacrament in Corpus and then leaving, Gwen asking "why aren't we going to primary" and us trying to come up with a righteous way of saying, "because we are going to the beach instead". Umm.....

*Driving to beautiful Port Aransas and dreaming of the day we buy a beach house there.

* Setting up our little beach tent shade thing to find, only ten minutes later that we had set it up to a little miniature Yellowstone National Park. Seriously there was this weird bubbling thing in the water and all the sudden it started stinking and I kept thinking any minute we would all be blown to smithereens in Texas' own Old Faithful : )

* Building sandcastles, riding waves, giving myself a mud wrap. Bentley's bloated ocean water diaper. Frozen Capri Suns.

* Gwen, upon hearing we were ready to pack up and go home, taking her swimming suit completely off and refusing clothing and towels and running around the beach nude. It was so weird. She simply did not care, and we really did care.....but she was so fast!

*Eating at Texas Roadhouse and BJs Pizza

*Driving home in a tense silence because I had asked Blaine for a bite of his orange chicken, and then I asked for one more bite and then he said something about me eating all of his chicken and then I made some reference about how if we were lions and it were his job to kill the food and share it with me I would starve....and then, I don't know, can you get PMS while your pregnant? I was really mad that he was really mad that I wanted to eat his orange chicken. And I stayed mad for a really really long time. Like, almost ten hours.

*Bentley learning to shake his head no. It starts....

*Stopping at SeaWorld on the way home from Corpus and since it was like a bajillion degrees outside no one was there. So Gwen got to go on the kid rides over and over. Oh and there was a cute little baby beluga whale that was following it's mom around during the dolphin show and messing with the synchronized swimmers. It was awesome.

*Pulling in to Austin at 9, eating at Firebowl (you should go there), and dragging our tired kids home and sticking them in bed. And then getting in bed. And getting mad at Blaine because he thought we should unload the car first, but I thought we should just go to bed and that I could do it myself in the morning and he thought that I really wouldn't do it in the morning and I thought that was rude and.....what if we were lions and going on vacation......

Pregnant people are so weird.

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Shauna said...

What a fun vacation! I'm glad that you got to go.

Aimee said...

Wow. I don't think you can ever call it a "vacation" when you take kids with you. I think it is called a "trip."

Jennifer said...

Going to the beach instead of primary?? tsk tsk! =) Sounds fun, makes me want to move to TX. BTW Ivan is flying into Austin on Sunday sometime. He'll be there til Tues afternoon.

Andrea L. said...

Don't you just love the dumb things that make us upset with our spouses (not that that has EVER happened to us)? Did you forget that everything needs to be even with Blaine? I was laughing out loud reading this post. I loved all of the descriptions. I don't think it is called PMS when you are pregnant - it is called being pregnant! Cute pictures too! Take care -

Sheyenne said...

Oh man. I could've told you about the jellyfish. In fact, didn't I tell you about the jellyfish? Maybe not, because I was sworn to secrecy by Gabby about our jellyfish incident, but she has now gotten over it and informed me I can tell. But it's too good for comments, I'll have to actually blog about it!
Your fights are so funny. And I promise I will always let you have some of my orange chicken, but only because I don't want you mad at me for 10 hours. I get mad at Dario when he eats my stuff too, but I totally eat all his good stuff and he shares nicely.
Also, take me to FireBowl. Now. Or as close to now as we can make it. I've still never been there.

Kathrin Paul said...

I love the pics! So cute! I'm glad Gustav missed you!

Kimberly said...

You guys are in the water with Jelly fish. I don't get that. I guess I'll have to go to the beach with you next time. How come you didn't invite us? I'll invite you to Peder Falls next time.