Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's 11:22PM and I just finished Gwen's project. The alternate title is: Why my Mommy doesn't scrapbook

Reason #1: She missed the sleepover where people learned how to do bubble letters.

#2 She labled herself as Bentley in our family picture.

#3: Her handwriting looks really bad big (but I must say, it is quite nice when she writes small)

#4: She had to make up my list of favorite foods based on what was on sale at Randalls
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Julie said...

WOW, what a project for just preschool! But it's adorable! By the way, did you write Chocolate Mik (without the l) on purpose because that's how she says it, or did you just forget the l? Great job!

Kristi said...

#5: She can't spell milk.

Janey said...

Okay Kris, I finally came out and read your blog. Your right, it's way better than everybody else in this world who has a blog. I laughed my head off on only the first two articles.
If it makes you feel any better, I am aweful at block letters too! My trick: write the letters, and then just go over them a million times to make them "look" like bubble letters. :)

Blaine said...

Jane, I'm glad you're reading but why did you spill the beans about how conceited Kristi is--how she goes around saying that her blog is "way better than everybody else in this world who has a blog"? Kris tries to not let her attitude about this get out!

Just kidding I know what you meant and, for the record, I don't think Kris said any such thing to you. You're thinking of what I said because I do think it's the best blog in the world and I highly recommend it to anybody!

Kristi said...

Yeah Jane, sheesh, I would never say such a thing. That sounded sarcastic, really I wouldn't! Well maybe I would... but it would be in sarcasm. Do you want me to list ten blogs right now that are better than mine? I will....heck, I'll list a hundred. But I am glad that my blog is good enough for my own SISTER to read now. That only took a year too long.

chelon:) said...

it's a good thing that i am having a card night at my house next month. you will definitely be able to brush up on your scrapping skills! just kidding. it looks great! i have to agree though...that is quite the project for preschool!