Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rules in "sneaking"

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A couple days ago Gwen came upstairs and said. "Mom, I'm sorry". When I asked her why she was sorry she told me that she was sorry she "sneaked" some of the treat I made. I thanked her for admitting that she snuck and then went downstairs and I had to laugh. Let's just say if she hadn't admitted guilt right away I probably would have been able to guess the guilty party. My hints were 1- chair pulled up along side the counter 2- a piece the size of my pinky nail missing right from the middle of the pan and finally, and most obviously, 3- her tool of choice, the hot pink kids knife.

Blaine and I have often joked around about why they sell baby spoons with little plastic knives in the set. Is Bentley, who requires a spoon with a capacity smaller than a dime, really going to be using a knife to cut up his feast?

Turns out those plastic little knives are useful!


chelon:) said...

too funny! i would have snuck some of those treats too...they look tasty!

marisa said...

That is so cute. It is nice to have a child with a conscience!