Thursday, April 23, 2009


My parents are visiting and my Dad was filling out some information about me online to see if he could get me a good rate on my auto insurance.

He was filling out my birthday and said, "December 9th....1968, right?

I scoffed and said, "yeah Dad NINETEEN SIXTY-EIGHT"

then a few minutes later he was like "so Blaine was born in 1968 too, right?"

and that is when I realized that he hadn't been kidding.

I rubbed the patch of gray hair that is sprouting on the crown of my head and walked away as a solitary tear trickled down my cheek.

EIGHTY ONE folks, that's when I was born (very nearly eighty two). My Dad thought his twenty seven year old daughter was forty one.

It's dispicable.


chelon:) said...

wow!! that is some dad. :) at least he got the month and day right....right?

Janssen said...

How awesome is that?

Janssen said...
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McCulloch Family said...

Wow, that is EVEN OLDER than me!!!!!!!

Karina said...

What a sweet dad, looking up insurance rates for you. Awwww!

Jen said...

SSSOOOO What is so wrong with 1968???
Maybe just MAYBE, Dad was thinking of his old(ER) favorite daughter.HHMMMM!!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's dad can't remember their birth date. Mine doesn't even get the month and day right. =)