Friday, April 10, 2009


I thought it was a little weird when I turned into the neighborhood and a police car was turning out. Weirder still when I drove up our street and saw three more undercover police cars on the street. But what really knocked my socks off was when I pulled into my driveway to see that there were about twenty kids and ten adults all standing in the circle and looking down the street with binoculars.

At the risk of scaring you all from moving into my neighborhood (ahem, Allison) I'll just tell you that I left my house for a couple of hours and somehow missed an entire police standoff! With rifles and guns and stuff.

Seriously, my life is so dull and I sit in this house all day, but the one day all of my neighbors are out playing real life cops and robbers I am at the store. Seriously.

I guess they heard the loud sirens and then went to go see what was up, but only got far enough to see the NINE police cars and officers with guns drawn (including a big rifle apparently) before they headed back to the circle to round up the kids. Once they had the kids inside they went and scoped out the situation with binoculars from the safety of Annie's garage.

I love my neighbors!

Not the ones that were having the police standoff at their house, but the ones who were watching it with binoculars.

It brings back memories of growing up next to crazy, non law abiding citizens where police and ambulances and SWAT teams were an every week (sometimes every day) occurance.

I like it better when the law breakers aren't right next door though, feels a little safer.

Am I worried? Nah. I wave to the homeboys who were involved in the hullaballoo every day. I say if you can't beat 'em join 'em. Or at least wave to them and try to give them a winning "please don't kill me" smile.


Blaine said...

Wow, I can't wait to hear more about this when I get home! I do love our neighbors. This whole situation kind of reminds me of that old movie The 'Burbs. Anyway, a little scary, a little exciting, a little funny, all-in-all GREAT blog fodder. Thanks for the post!

Karina said...

Awesome, but I don't miss the drama days from my childhood neighborhood. I much prefer things now. That's too bad that you missed out, though. You totally sound like my mom throughout this post, Kristi. She's tough too :)

Marcie said...

Fiddle, I seriously live to read your blogs. You are super!!! Many prayers for you and your family!!(and the thugs down the street)

April said...

oh yes, the wonderful gang members who linked our homes, i always figured i better be friends with them in case i ever need some help :) those drive by's did make for good stories though. oh and then there are the ones behind them that did get shot... wow we lived in a wonderful neighborhood, do your texan friends know that you came from the hood?

julianne orth said...

woops, i was signed in as my sister in law, that was julianne not april

Jan said...

What? WE live in the hood?
Funny that I've always felt safe here and those neighbors have always been good neighbors to me.

You guys should have grown up in the neigborhood I grew up in, It would make the neighborhood where you and Julianne grew up look like Mary Poppins lane :)

Allison said...

Oh no, Kristi, your street may have just been cut from our list of potentials! jk... i think :)
Did you ever find out the reason all the cops were there?

Blaine said...

Okay I think somebody better explain what really happened to Allison. I do stand by that it was great blog fodder and you did a great job of spicing it up into an interesting post but when I heard what had really happened--this should definitely NOT impede James and Allison from making the right choice to move onto our street! Listen guys, it's safe! I don't even lock the doors half the time! No problems ever on the top half of the street, I swear! :)