Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today I lost 300 pictures from my camera. Three hundred. They were pictures from about the entire last month. As in half of Ivy's life. As in her first smiles. Her Easter dress. Easter egg hunts. Cute pictures of Ben holding Ivy. Conference Breakfast. The toilet paper disaster of 09 (that was going to be a blog post). The picture of our coffee table the day that Bentley knocked over a glass of water and incidentally got my bank receipt all wet which somehow transposed all of our bank information from the receipt to be permanently imprinted on our table...resulting in me never being able to sell the table because, well, our bank account number is printed on it. I lost it all. And I just ache.

I had some really really really great pictures of Ivy smiling today. That elusive smile has yet to be caught on film. But today, in the perfect lighting of late afternoon, with her new Easter dress and beautiful bow, I got some great pictures. Pictures that would have made Ralphie and Meleah proud.

But now they are gone.

And I am going to go cry about it, because they really meant a lot to me.


Todd and Julie said...

So sad! Have Ralphie come over and help you with the pictures - sometimes they're recoverable. Also, try hairspray on your kitchen table. It works wonders!

Jennifer said...

Cry away Kristi! I know I would. That is the one thing about digital photography that I don't like. I'm always afraid that I'm going to lose pictures somehow. I say you at least dress Ivy up again today in her Easter dress and try to do a retake of those pictures.

chelon:) said...

oh my!! my heart breaks for you. i lost about 300 pics a while back and i am still not over it! it is sooooo devastating. so sorry!

happy easter to you :) i agree though...put ivy back in her dress and retake those pictures. no one will know!

Anonymous said...

Better to have clicked and lost than never to have clicked at all, I always say. I think we have a total of like 10 pictures of Isaac. But, still. So painful. Irreplaceable, pictures are.

p.s. Top o' the muffin to you.

Sheyenne said...

Well that just plain sucks. I haven't lost 300 pictures, but our camcorder was stolen out of our car with the tape of little Dario being born in it. So, I think I can feel your pain. And it's darn painful.

Stefanie Miller said...

Wow, even a thief ought to realize how priceless a child's birth is. I hope they see it and decide to return at least the tape, if not the whole camcorder, to Sheyenne!