Monday, April 20, 2009


My apologies for the lack of blogging, I have family in town and I am too busy having fun!

I made it to the gym all three times last week, but unfortunately my weigh in this morning was 134.5. So I gained a half a pound. That may be due to the eclair cake I ate last night, and also Janssen's Lemon Cake, and also all of the popcorn, ice cream, and so on that comes with having family in town. (PS, for those of you who never order a strawberry shake at chick-fil-a because you are watching your should order one, because there is nothing better. Or better yet, have your mom and dad order one to share but then you eat most of it).

Let's just consider me off of the bandwagon for the treat thing until they leave town. Life's too short.

In more embarrassing the gym today my leg started spasming or cramping or something while I was going hog wild on the elliptical and so, being the genius I am, I lifted up my leg to shake it out. My other leg was still going 150mph on the other side of the elliptical (I guess I thought it would magically stop or something). So I totally flew off of the elliptical all off of balance and crazy like. Much to the amusement of my fellow gym goers.

Nothing like falling off the elliptical to start your day ; )

Blogging to resume next monday!


Karina said...

Haaaaa! Wish I was there to see the fall -- I mean, to catch you or something:)

Anonymous said...

MAHAHA!! I was laughing uncontrollably at the vivid mental picture you painted of the elliptical event! Gotta love the gym. Especially since it's a total meat market and everyone there is trying to act super cool and super tough. Way to break the ice! Glad you didn't break anything else! And way to go the gym even though your family is in town!

Robin said...

That part about the elliptical made me laugh, too.