Monday, April 6, 2009

Yoyo Muffin Top Monday

This week was a total and complete disaster.

It all started with the chocolate mint cupcakes they had at mutual. They had little pieces of andes mints in them. So I ate two. Then, you know, I had spent all that time making the homemade oreos, so I had one of them too. Then I can't remember what happened Wednesday but it involved another treat. Having both treats used up by Wednesday is not a happy place to be in. Janssen was out of town on Wednesday and Ralphie can't make it to the gym on Wednesdays so I didn't go. Then Thursday I helped stuff the Easter eggs for our HOA Easter party and...yeah, well, I'm not superwoman folks. Then Saturday I had a little psychotic..ummm "episode" and my awesome husband brought home flowers and ice cream. I've begged him incessently for like five years to do stuff like that, so like I was going to turn it down. Then on Sunday, well....Janssen made mint brownies for crying out loud. And you guessed it, I couldn't find the time during my "episode" to go to the gym.

So, one trip to the gym, about a thousand treats...and yup, my weight went back up to 137lbs.

Stupid scale.

Stupid gym.

Stupid choclately things with mints in them.

The good news though is that today marks the beginning of a new week. I went to the gym and burned way more calories than usual (which means I burned like 260 instead of 200, but hey, progress!) and I am committed to the treat thing again. I am back on the bandwagon folks.


JoAnna said...

Who on earth could resist those cupcakes and homemade oreos????!!!!!

Melissa Ash said...

Ummm... I only WISH I were down to 137 pounds!!! :) You're awesome! I hate the whole weight battle!! You can do it!! Keep up trying at least!

Rochelle said...

I wish I weighed 137...