Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bounty Hunter Revisited

It's been three weeks since I got my last Bountiful Basket. I know you've been on pins and needs to hear how it all turned out, right? It was so awesome! We loved the things that we had never purchased before (jicama, tangerines, etc.) it was really fun to have the things I am too cheap to buy (fresh pineapple!), and using fresh garlic has been way fun! Anyway, the only thing that didn't work out was the corn, I didn't get to it fast enough! I'll be better this time!

So I was able to go and get my bounty once more, and so for my $16.50 I got

5lbs potatoes
Swiss Chard (Help me!)
Fancy type of leafy lettuce
12 cucumbers (any ideas?)
9 bananas
2lbs asparagus
1 lb strawberries
2 lbs baby carrots
2 lemons
6 oranges
7 braeburn apples

I'm very pleased once again !

They contacted me about possibly starting a drop site in Lehi. I am, generally speaking, not the type of person to head up major projects that require me to...I dunno, be responsible. But I am thinking about it, because...there's got to be more to life than Bejeweled and poopy diapers : )


Karina said...

I'm looking for one of these in Round Rock. Do you know of one? Will you email me on fb if you do?

McCulloch Moments said...

good luck with the Swiss Chard, hopefully you can mask the taste in a soup :)

TheMoncurs said...

I know I've seen a ton of recipes that include swiss chard but I've never had it and wouldn't have the faintest idea what to do with it. Maybe check allrecipes? Good luck!!

Laurie said...

I think I might try making pickles. Do you want to do it too?

Gretchen said...

My parents always fix swiss chard cooked with a little oil and garlic. Can't say I LOVE it, but it's pretty good. My sis blogged about it and said she wilts just the leaves or else she cooks the stalks separately for longer so the leaves don't get overcooked.

Shanon said...

You're getting vegetables on purpose and you're paying for it? Hmmm...I didn't know people actually ate veggies without being forced to. I say give the swiss chard to the bunnies. That's just my opinion though.

Emily said...

Count me in if you do one in Lehi!

Jen said...

Hey I grew swiss chard in my garden this year. I've never had it before but Wayne loves it and now I do too! It's just like spinach, steam it, drain it then add butter and vinegar, way yummy. (i actually think I like it better than spinach now.) You could even use it in salad, added to your regular lettuce. Now on to cucumbers... Once again cut them up an put in a bowl with vinegar and water, salt and pepper let it sit for 15 or so minutes and eat. Yummy. (I'm beginning to think i have a thing for vinegar.)

Leslie said...

I saw your comment on Everyday Reading and that you're in Lehi. I'm in Lehi too and I would love to be a part of a veggie co-op. If you do start one up, can I get in on it too?

Stephanie said...

Kristi~let me know if you start a group in Lehi. My sister lives there and she might be interested! Love those blue eyes of Ivy's!!