Monday, February 8, 2010

The Stupids

So, you may not want to read this post if you are not in to people who rant.

This is going to be a ranting post, and I use the word stupid no less then about ten thousand times.

And first a note: I am going to rant on the condition that you know that I know that things could be worse. We've all got our health. I feel like whenever I complain how things are going they inevitably will get worse, and worse in such a way that matters more (ie...affects health and family as opposed to just money). So...I am not begging for more trials or burdens or ailments. Fate, are we understood?

But, seriously, what is the point of having a contract if there are no repercussions for breaking it? Our renters signed a two year contract. They signed their name to it. First off in the contract it states that they will not have pets. Upon visiting the house we found they have three dogs, at least one cat and a giant aquarium. Okay, whatever. The contract also said that they would not alter the house cosmetically without our permission. Okay, every wall was painted, my favorite bush was taken out, light fixtures were changed, and they put some funky stained glass thing on the back door glass etc. etc. etc. Fine, it was all in pretty decent taste, whatever.

But...seriously, folks, you signed an agreement to live there for two years and to pay X amount of dollars for every month for the entirety of those two years. So, I kind of feel like you owe me... Lets see here...$27,900. That and the last year of my life back.

You were having a hard time financially so we worked with you on the deposit. You were also having a hard time financially for like, every month thereafter, so we worked with you. Everytime you used the excuse "with the expense of moving we just dont have the money for x and x and x" I thought....well what about me? I had the same expense of moving. No one waived my security deposit. In fact, we had given a verbal agreement for a duplex and then backed out of that and though we had not signed anything we still forked over the $500 deposit we would have paid if we would have signed something, because we have an active conscience.

At the very least, if you are to break the contract know, you signed, you are supposed to give thirty days notice. Not seven.

Seven days notice. You couldn't have told me while I was in Texas and could have done something about it. No no.

Am I the only person in this world who feels obligated to something when I sign my name to it? I wouldn't dream of walking away from a contract. And if I had to, absolutely had to, I would give the required notice, I would expect to pay some sort of fee. I don't expect my landlords to compensate for my financial hard times. I don't expect the realtor we are going to use to accept less of a commission because I don't have enough money to sell the home.

Where's my break? Where's my person I can push over and walk over and manipulate and cheat?

Okay, rant is done.

I don't hate many things, but I've pretty much hated the emotional roller coaster that has been the last six months.

I want nothing more than to pick up next week and move back into my Texas house. The house that, for some reason, no one else in the world wants. And yet instead I am going to pay thousands of dollars to NOT live in that house. It's quite messed up actually.

Stupid renters. Stupid stupid stupid renters. And stupid economy. And STUPID housing market.
And stupid me for being so easy to walk over.


Wish I could say my rant made me feel better. It didn't.

But with all my ranting now over, I wish to re-emphasize that I am grateful Blaine has a job. I am grateful my kids don't have cancer. I am grateful that we have food to eat, a family who loves us, a God who is looking out for us. I am grateful for so much, and I know things could be so much worse off, I really really know that (you hear me fate? Don't teach me a lesson because I already KNOW!).

The end.

P.S. Anyone want to drive with me to Texas or put me up for a while while I prepare my home to sell. Stupid stupid stupid house.


Gretchen said...

I have a guest room with a queen size bed if you need it.

TysonandMarthaGerber said...

The joys of real estate. You sound like what I sounded like last summer when stupid stupid rentes smoked meth in our duplex - and ruined it. stupid stupid renters

Vee said...

I want to go! I like "putting up with you." Although I don't think my 3 month old would appreciate you very much if I left her.
Good luck, I'm so sorry you had deal with stupid renters.

Janssen said...

Wow, that is just so infuriating.

Brooke said...

I think Kristi you and I have such a similar life- that's what we're saying right now- stupid stupid renters. Eric totally needs to read this post.

Sheyenne said...

You need to sue them. They willfully broke every single agreement they made. They knew they would break the agreement even as they signed the contract, because they obviously owned multiple pets. Do not let them get away with this scott free.
And of course you could stay at my house. It won't be comfortable for you probably, because I've only got the hide-a-bed, but you are welcome anytime.

Strong Family - said...

We have a guest room! :-) You're welcome to it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sheyenne. Suing sounds harsh, but it is just the civilized way that we have created of dealing with financial disputes.

Right now we are on our third set of renters who are currently moving out after having signed a year contract and stayed two months. And I am so with you on the whole people feeling no obligation to keep their word thing. And these are good, "honest" people!! Luckily, James is good at dealing with people with kindness, while holding them to their word. (And luckily he is technically an attorney and makes it clear that he intends to see that we are not cheated--all with a smile), so our renters have been finding replacements to fill their contracts, knowing they would still have to pay if they didn't.

Ouch, ouch ouch, ouch. I feel your pain. Losing money in that quantity must keep you up every night.

I still think you should sue. You would not be a jerk to sue them. You were counting on that money to pay YOUR rent.

JoAnna said...

GRRRRR!! That is seriously ridiculous. I like Jannsen's word- infuriating. Grrrrrr.... You deserve to rant away!!

Packrat said...

Those kind of renters ruin things for the good renters. Because of job transfers we have had to walk out on a couple of contracts. Luckily, each time we only lost a portion of our cleaning deposit, and new renters were literally waiting to move in right behind us. You have the right to rant and rave. Good luck.

Jen said...

If you can talk my Husband and kids to live without me for a week or whatever I'll come with you!! Stupid renters, I am sorry to hear about this.

Stephanie T said...

I have a super nice guest room, that would be a beautiful master bed and bath you can crash in because we now sleep upstairs in our guest room so I can be by my kids.

Seriously come use it, plus I could use the company since my husband is traveling tons, and I love to cook, and I totally don't care if kids run around crazy.

Susie said...

. . . I just can't quite figure out where your poor renters got all that money for paint and stained gladd window decorations. . .
Hire James to smile nicely at them and sue them. They need to be accountable.

Marcie said...

uh paint and windows? sounds like they have enough money to me!!